The 23-year-old Jeong Yu-jeong (23)메이저놀이터, who killed a woman her age through a tutoring brokerage app and then mutilated and abandoned the body, was released.

The Busan Detention Center today (19th) revealed the ‘June 2023 Prisoner Corrosive Table’, which applies from the 6th to the 3rd of the following month.

According to the menu, meals are served three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The side dishes consist of a variety of menus, from Korean dishes such as beef rice cake soup, kimchi pork stew, and vegetable chicken stew, to Western dishes such as pork cutlet, dumplings, jjajang, cream soup, morning bread, jam, raisin salad, and beverages.

In addition, snacks such as ice cream and corn are provided alternately every weekend, and sometimes lactobacillus drinks and soy milk are also provided. It is known that a so-called Busan round kick man is also imprisoned here.

Earlier, while media reported that there was no psychological agitation, such as that Mr. Jeong ate three meals a day and slept well while in the detention center, netizens who saw this said, “The tax money paid by the victims’ families feeds the perpetrators” and “More than the soldiers. They seem to be coming out well”, “You eat better than me”, “You eat well so you will come out fatter”, “You say they serve ice cream on Saturdays?”

Prosecutors are conducting a reinforced investigation by extending the deadline for Jung’s detention, which was scheduled to expire on the 11th, to the 21st to uncover the exact motive of the crime. It is also known that the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s psychoanalyst was put in to investigate.

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