The business community has launched a last-ditch effort to block the legislation as the opposition-led “Yellow Envelope Law” is set to go directly to the plenary session.

Six business organizations – the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Korean Industries, the Korea International Trade Association, the Korea Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and the Korea Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – issued a joint statement at the National Assembly Communication Center on the 23rd calling for the plenary session of the Labor Union Law Amendment Bill to be suspended.

“If the amendments to the Trade Union Act are passed, the foundation of our legal system will be shaken and labor-management relations will be irreparably damaged,” the organizations said, adding, “The National Assembly should suspend the plenary session of the Trade Union Act amendments even now안전놀이터.”

“The abstract and non-objective criteria for employer status violate the principle of clarity in criminal law and undermine legal stability. We are concerned about confusion and conflicts in the field over whether a contractor employer is an employer under the Labor Law.”

“As the concept of labor disputes is expanded, industrial sites will be plagued by chaos caused by strikes,” he said. “Not only issues that should be resolved through judicial proceedings, but also management judgments may be subject to disputes, resulting in labor disputes throughout the year.”

Meanwhile, the “Yellow Envelope Law” refers to the amendments to Articles 2 and 3 of the Trade Union Act, which aim to guarantee the bargaining rights of indirectly employed workers and prohibit damages and seizures for the purpose of suppressing protests. The bill passed the National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee in February, but has been pending in the Judiciary Committee for more than 60 days due to strong opposition from the ruling party. The opposition parties, including the Democratic Party of Korea and the Justice Party, plan to bring the Yellow Envelope Law to the plenary session of the National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee on the 24th of this month.

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