A victim of the so-called ‘Busan round kick’ appeared on a YouTube channel and confided about his feelings after the accident. After being diagnosed with ‘ankle paralysis먹튀검증‘, the victim was miraculously able to walk, but said that she was rather afraid of the thought that the perpetrator could be released quickly.

On the 17th, a video of an interview with victim A, who was assaulted without asking by a man in his 30s who followed him in Seomyeon, Busan, on May 22 last year, was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Angry Lawyer’.

Mr. A recalled the time when he woke up in the hospital after the accident and explained, “When I woke up, I heard that my right leg couldn’t move. At first, I had no strength in my entire leg. I had to drag a wheelchair and couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself.”

He continued, “I was completely paralyzed below my ankles, so I couldn’t even move my toes. The doctor watched and said, ‘I think I’ll get disabled’.”

After Mr. A was diagnosed with ‘complete ankle paralysis’, the perpetrator’s charges were changed from bodily injury to serious bodily harm, and later transferred to the prosecution and attempted murder was applied.

However, one month later, as Mr. A miraculously succeeded in rehabilitation, Mr. A fell into new troubles. Mr. A said, “I didn’t think it was fortunate at the time. Because if I recover like this, I’m afraid (the perpetrator) will be punished weakly. Everyone says that everything went well, but I think the perpetrator is too dangerous. I was afraid (I was afraid),” he said.

However, Mr. A said that he was fortunate to be able to walk now, and that he had changed his mind. Mr. A said, “Even the doctor doesn’t really make sense. It’s just a miracle. He told me this and got better after receiving counseling.

On the other hand, on this day, the Busan High Court Criminal Division 2-1 (Chief Judge Choi Hwan) held the 4th trial of the appeal against man B, who was accused of attempted murder. At the trial that day, as a result of verifying the clothes Mr. A was wearing, the judge judged that “the victim’s pants are structured so that they cannot be taken off unless they use physical strength.” As a result, it is analyzed that the possibility of additional sex crimes being applied to Mr. B has increased.

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