Jang Won-joon (38) expressed his gratitude to manager Lee Seung-yeop for giving him a chance and showed a firm determination to rebound without fail.

Jang Won-jun, who was once active as a reliable starting resource for Doosan, has suffered extreme ups and downs in the past five years. He won double-digit multipliers for eight straight seasons through 2017, but after winning three in 2018, he has not posted a single win in four seasons. That’s how his career multiplier stopped at 129 wins. 메이저놀이터

Coach Lee Seung-yeop gave Chang Won-jun, who was on the brink of retirement after the last season, a chance to try again. And he also included it in the new season concept. He was also named to the spring camp roster.

Director Lee said, “Jang Won-joon won 129 wins, and even if his speed fell, we cannot ignore the experience and experience of winning more than 120 victories.” I cheered for his resurrection.

Jang Won-joon, who had his first bullpen pitching on the 3rd, digested his second bullpen pitching two days later on the 5th. In the first pitching, he threw 30 pitches, and on this day he threw 41 pitches. After the 40th pitch, he did not like it. I threw one more if not. The last pitch of the conversion was unfortunately out of the strike zone.

After two bullpen pitchings, I met with reporters. Jang Won-jun said, “Today’s pitching wasn’t too bad, but it was a little worse than the first day. Overall, it’s not bad,” he said.

On this day, when Jang Won-joon threw the ball, manager Lee Seung-yeop continued to watch. He sometimes went into the batter’s box and checked Jang Won-joon’s pitch.

Regarding this, Jang Won-joon said, “Thank you.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “If you take off your uniform after having a meeting with Jang Won-joon before coming to the camp, you may regret it for the rest of your life. When he quit, he gave an order to understand (himself) even if he quit.

” Jang Won-joon said, “It has been bad for the past few years, so there is regret. In his heart, he thought of doing everything he would really do without regrets and quitting without any regrets when he really felt like he couldn’t do it. Even so, every year I still feel regret. I had the idea of ​​doing that again this year if given the opportunity, and if I had poor grades like last year, I would take off my clothes without any regrets. The director had similar thoughts. Thank you for giving me this opportunity,” he bowed his head at the commanding tower’s belief

. First of all, his confidence rose just by not having pain. Jang Won-joon has suffered from large and small injuries such as elbows, knees, and back

. As he continued to get sick little by little for several years, there was anxiety about ‘what if I get sick’. But this year, the painful part has disappeared, so I am satisfied. It’s hard to come up with the pitch he had in his prime, but I’m trying to make it as close as possible.”

The return of catcher Yang Eui-ji, who had worked with Jang Won-joon from Lotte to Doosan in 2015, is also expected to be of great help.

Jang Won-joon said, “It’s nice to see Willi come back after a long time. During my first pitching, he accepted my ball. He said nice things. I think I will have to ask him a lot in the future. I think we need to improve,” he said.

Jang Won-joon has 129 victories in his career. He would fill the 130-win record with just one more win. Jang Won-joon said, “It would be a lie if I said I was not greedy as a player (achieved 130 wins). I want to accumulate more wins, but it doesn’t work just because I want to. The top priority is to prepare well and create a pitch that will work in the first team no matter what position you are in.”

“I couldn’t throw because I was sick, and I couldn’t throw because I was sick. Now I’m in good shape. If I get good grades this season without getting sick, I’ll do it for another year. “he emphasized.

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