Cody Rhodes (38, USA), who is active in WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling organization, always insists on luxurious custom-made suits when he is not competing in matches.

Usually professional wrestlers like to wear T-shirts when they are not playing. It’s convenient, but it’s to promote a product with your name on it토토사이트. But Cody Rhodes is different. It is his trademark in a neat suit. There is no law that even the vest is left out under the suit.

Cody Rhodes spoke directly about his fashion like this. In a video interview with IB Sports, a sports channel, he said, “I also want to wear more comfortable clothes sometimes.” “And many professional wrestlers wear their own products. Because that’s the most comfortable and easiest way.” He continued, “But I want to be a ‘special someone’ different from ordinary people,” and emphasized, “That is a life philosophy and way to increase my own value.”

It also introduced episodes that happened in the past. Cody Rhodes said, “A friend I worked with a few years ago suggested that I stop wearing suits. That way, I can get along better with other people. “Mya” You can think that way, but a suit is a small detail that represents me, and it means to become a better person and at the same time increase my value,” he explained.

In addition, “I am a public figure exposed to many people. My character is not just a character for acting, but a projection of my true self.” fans love. I want to live in a way that can receive cheers and live up to those expectations.”

Cody Rhodes, who made his WWE debut at the age of 22 in 2007 and has been active for a long time, has achieved great success in other organizations after leaving WWE in 2016. And in April of last year, he made a splendid comeback through WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest event. At this year’s WrestleMania, he plans to proudly decorate the main event title match.

Cody Rhodes said, “I didn’t know much about pressure or responsibility in the past, but now I know it and I think I’ve adapted to it. Rather, it can act as a driving force,” he said. “Going to WrestleMania is a positive and pleasant thing. I will do my best to create a great match at WrestleMany this time.”

Cody Rhodes’ interview can be found on IB Sports ‘Smackdown’, which is broadcast live on satellite from 9:00 am on the 25th.

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