The Golden State Warriors held the 2022-2023 NBA Western Conference Playoffs 1st round at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California on the 24th (Korean time), 126-125 in Game 4 of the Sacramento Kings and balanced the series. We scored 2-2. Golden State’s Stephen Curry won the victory by one point. This is because even after scoring 32 points, it almost became a ‘Mr. Timeout’ that ruined everything.

Curry’s bonehead play exploded at the end of the fourth quarter. Golden State took a 126-121 lead after Curry and Klay Thompson took the lead. Curry, who was holding the ball with 42.4 seconds left until the end and even had the right to attack, suddenly 온라인카지노requested a timeout. However, Golden State already had no timeouts left and Curry received a technical foul. Sacramento was handed the right to attack along with a free throw opportunity.

Sacramento guard Malik Monk made a free throw. Ace De’Aaron Fox then scored a decisive 3-point from a distance of 26 feet (7.9m) with 27.7 seconds left, and the game quickly became a 125-126 one-point lead. With the final 10.5 seconds left, Sacramento went into clutch play. Pax, who was trying to break through, was blocked by the double team defense, and the pass was passed to Harrison Barnes, and his buzzer beater bounced off the rim, ending the game as it was.

Pax’s concentration was amazing, but it was Curry’s timeout mistake that personally gave Sacramento a comeback opportunity. “I honestly thought it was the smartest play in the world,” Curry said in an interview after the game. He said, “When he caught the ball, turned around and saw the trap (of the opponent’s defense), he felt that there was no way out except for a timeout. (After the timeout) I looked at the bench and everyone was shaking their heads.”

Curry’s misunderstanding came from the previous situation. When Golden State’s Kevon Rooney committed an offense with 2 minutes and 14 seconds left in the game, manager Steve Kerr requested a reading, and the last timeout was exhausted in the process. Rooney also confessed after the game, “No one knew how much timeout was left.” “I should have told the players that the timeout was over,” Kerr said. It is my responsibility for not making it clear.”

If you look at the NBA rules, there are 7 timeouts that a team can use in the regular time per game. You can request up to four timeouts in the fourth quarter and only two in the last three minutes before the end of the game. In Korea Professional Basketball (KBL), a time-out is the responsibility of the coach, but in NBI, a player holding the ball can also call a time-out. Golden State wrote the 7th timeout that day while confirming Rooney’s foul.

The most famous example of a timeout that left the game unanswered is former Sacramento player Chris Webber. In April 1993, when he was a member of the University of Michigan, Webber received a technical foul after asking the referee for a timeout with 11 seconds left in the NCAA men’s basketball final against the University of North Carolina. Also, the timeout had already run out. Michigan lost by two points, and Webber was dubbed “Mr. Timeout.”

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