Starting this month, voice guidance will be sent when you take a pass card for senior citizens at some subway stations in Seoul토토사이트. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to apply the system on a trial basis for three months and then review whether or not to expand it by judging the effect of reducing fraudulent rides and the level of public response.

According to Seoul City Councilman Lee Byeong-yoon, a member of People’s Power, from June, when tagging a senior citizen card at a subway gate, a voice saying “The elderly are healthy” is sent out. As a measure to prevent fraudulent boarding, 10 stations with a large number of people getting on and off, such as Jongno, Gangnam, Sindorim, Gwanghwamun, and Express Bus Terminal, are subject to this.

There were 11,439,952 free tickets for the elderly, disabled, and men of merit issued by the Transportation Corporation in the last three years from 2021 to March 2023. Among them, 89,870 illegal rides using other people’s free tickets were cracked down, which amounts to about 4 billion won when converted into fares. Unchecked irregular rides are expected to be much higher than this.

Now, when a preferential card is tagged at the gate, only the red (route), yellow (disabled), and purple (merited people) LED colors are displayed for each ticket type, so only the station staff can know whether or not they boarded illegally. However, it is argued that if voice is additionally supported, psychological pressure can be applied to prevent illegal riding.

Rep. Lee, who proposed the project, said, “If the content of the song-chul-eum is not unpleasant to users, I expect that citizens will also respond well.” I hope to be,” he said.

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