A British man in his 20s was rescued after climbing the 123-story토토사이트, 555-meter-tall Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul with his bare hands. A video showing him climbing the building was released.

According to the fire authorities and Lotte Corporation on the 12th, the Seoul Songpa Fire Station rescued Mr. A (25), who had climbed the west side of Lotte World Tower barehanded, at 9:02 am that day and handed him over to the police.

An official at the scene explained, “It is estimated that Mr. A climbed up one by one from 5:00 am to the groove 2m high to the left of Gate 4 of Lotte World Tower.”

In the actual video, Mr. A, who is naked without a top, is wearing only a small backpack without safety equipment. A pair of sneakers were attached to the backpack.

Mr. A, wearing an airpod, looked around the top to check, then took a step forward, holding the pole with both hands as if hugging it. Wearing shorts, he appears to be wearing famous rock art shoes from an Italian hiking shoe brand (trademark).

After fixing her feet in the groove between the pillars, Mr. A climbed up slowly using the strength of his arms, and also stepped on the window. In addition, a dizzying situation was created, such as one of his feet floating in the air and the other foot sliding out of a window.

In the video, it was not confirmed what floor Mr. A was climbing at the time, but he continued to climb up the pillar, not caring about the residents living in the building.

Mr. A is a man famous for climbing high-rise buildings with his bare hands. In 2019, he was caught climbing the tallest building in the UK, the Shard Building, and served three months in prison.

Meanwhile, the Songpa Fire Station rescued Mr. A in a gondola on the 73rd floor at 8:52 am, and the police who took him over will investigate the details of the climb.

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