Attractions like Turtle River Falls & Gardens really emphasize just how beautiful the Caribbean island of Jamaica is. This waterfall is located in the Saint Ann Parish in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. An exquisite slice of nature, this location is home to 14 incredible waterfalls, a bird aviary, fish ponds, and a swimming pool. A visit to Turtle River Falls promises to be a fun and exciting experience for nature lovers and anyone who just wants a fun and peaceful island adventure.

Turtle River Falls & Gardens is found deep within the Jamaican rainforest. This location is known and loved for its stunning waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna. A waterfall and garden combo, Turtle River Falls is the ideal respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, and it is well worth a visit while you’re in Jamaica. To help you plan your Turtle River Falls trip, we’ve compiled information about the falls’ history, the sort of plant life you’ll discover there, and all of the interesting activities offered at this location. 메이저놀이터

This tropical garden underwent a few changes before it became the award-winning Turtle River Falls & Gardens. In 1987, its doors were first opened and it was known as the Carinosa Gardens. In 1991, the property was expanded and then renamed the Enchanted Garden. A 4-star resort with 130 rooms was also added. Though it has since changed ownership, the property was once owned by the former prime minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga.

Today, this picturesque location is known as the Turtle River Falls & Gardens. It was named after the Turtle River that runs through the area and supplies water to the on-site waterfalls and swimming pools. The attraction is also said to have gotten its name from its similarity to the shape of a turtle and the curved rocks found in the garden.

The Turtle River Falls & Gardens certainly has a rich history that will undoubtedly enhance the fantastic experiences you can have during a visit.

The best way to explore the Turtle River Falls and Gardens is to take a guided tour. By allowing a knowledgeable tour guide to walk you through the gardens, you will be able to learn so much about Turtle River Falls, its history, and even the Ocho Rios area. Your tour guide will know all the best spots to get an amazing garden view and all that it has to offer. Plant lovers will be amazed by the variety of trees and plants growing right here at Turtle River Falls — there are almost 100 different species!

Guided tours take a little over an hour. As part of the tour, you’ll trek through the rainforest and see the 14 waterfalls cascading through the gardens. This walk is suitable for most families as there are steps leading up to the viewpoints and the shallow pools that children can play in. The waterfalls are exciting to explore and adventurous visitors will enjoy the waters splashing over the cavern. If you don’t plan to get into the water, you can just spend your time here relaxing and admiring the scenery.

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