‘One Club Man’ Kim Dong-min (29, Incheon United) is amazed by Incheon’s progress. He evaluated Incheon’s 2023 season squad as ‘the best ever’. 

Kim Dong-min, who is sweating hard to prepare for the new season in Chiang Mai, Thailand, said in a recent phone interview with this magazine, “(Looking at the Incheon team) I think, ‘Can a member be good like this?’ Of course, there were good players before, but with the arrival of players with name values, the power has definitely improved and the squad has become thicker,” he said. 

Incheon, which is participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League for the first time in the history of the club, started to reinforce its strength early on. Last season, Shin Jin-ho, who had a spot in the K-League 1 Best 11, was brought in from Pohang, and top-notch dribbler Gerso was recruited. He even embraced midfielder Mpoku from Tottenham. The opinion that Incheon, ahead of the 2023 season, has built a top-tier power is the main opinion. 

Kim Dong-min, who has played only in Incheon since his professional debut in 2017, except for the days of managing director, said, “I think it can be evaluated as the best ever. The name values ​​of the two players (Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho) are also high, and the players next to them also have name value in the league. I think you can really think of it as Real Incheon Madrid,” he laughed. 

Incheon recently signed a two-year contract with Kim Dong-min, who played an active role in the rear last year. Kim Dong-min, who promised to accompany Incheon until 2025, said, “I kept thinking about renewing the contract. When I was sent off against Daegu and Tottenham last season, the fans gave me a lot of support and encouragement.” Thank you so much. So, I decided to renew the contract from the beginning.”

In fact, Kim Dong-min has been reborn as a top-notch center back with fans’ encouragement. Initially active as a fullback, he became the target of criticism for his frequent mistakes. However, Incheon fans even made a cheering rack to support Kim Dong-min. Kim Dong-min, who returned to Incheon after being discharged in 2021, became a different player after changing his position to center back. Last year, he played a pivotal role in the three-back team and played in 32 games, making a significant contribution to Incheon’s 4th place.  헤라카지노도메인

Kim Dong-min said, “It seems that the fans like the news of the renewal of the contract more because they were recognized (for their skills) last season. I want to do better in 2023. I did well last year, but I don’t want to shine. I want to be evaluated as consistently good,” he said with strength. 

Kim Dong-min, who dreams of ’emergency’ with Incheon, said, “Since the members have improved, I think I should set my goal to be in the top 3. “(Personally) I want to play more than 30 games this year. I want to be selected as the best 11 by showing better performances than last year. If a coach who uses a three-back comes to the national team, I want to challenge (selection).” 

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