More and more people are dreaming of 5 provinces and 2 villages. But buying a country house is a big burden. Even if it is left empty for a month, not only mold but also the garden you have worked hard for are often ruined. There is someone who unexpectedly left the house empty for a long time, and challenged the host to live for a month. With the strengths of the countryside, fresh vegetables are grown in the garden and provided to guests, and at night, the contents of the bulmung where you can look at the night sky in the countryside are put forward. This is the story of Live Anywhere host Suhyeon (nickname · 49 ), who now earns 2 million won a month as a troublesome country house .

Q. _ Please introduce yourself first. “My name is Suhyeon (nickname · 49 ), and I
live as a host for a month in Gyeryong, South Chungcheong Province . I am currently working as an after-school art teacher at an elementary school.”

Q. _ How did you first become a host?
“In 2019, my husband, who was a soldier, bought a country house in Buyeo, South Chungcheong Province, dreaming of a rural life. For two years, I went to the countryside every weekend to rest and farm a vegetable garden. Then, in 2022, I was assigned to Gyeonggi-do. The country house only lasted one month. Even if it is emptied, the condition becomes a mess. In the middle of winter, the water supply freezes, and in the summer, the embankment collapses. After thinking about this and that, I recklessly challenged the host with the concept of living in a country house for a month. I also took pictures in advance, so I stayed for an hour. Accommodation registration ended after a while. I was very worried about who would come to live in the countryside like this. But the response was better than I thought. Q. Please

introduce your daily routine as a host.
“Since it’s in the countryside, it’s hard to find a cleaning agent. If the accommodation is messy, the guests who come to heal will be offended. All cleaning is meticulously done by myself. In particular, the kitchen bathroom bed is given special attention. On days when there are no guests, I do house maintenance and management. I mow the lawn, plant flowers and trees, and do landscaping. We also change the interior. The advantage of living in the countryside for a month is the garden. We plant various vegetables so that guests can eat as much as they like. (Laughs) From contracting to moving out, the platform takes care of everything, and after leaving the room, all you have to do is clean and pay, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Q . Did you have any difficulties?
“The most worrying part is satisfying the guest. It’s not a day or two off, it’s a place where you live for a month, so you need to be able to take immediate action on any difficulties or inconveniences. My husband is currently in Gyeonggi-do, so it’s been a big hardship, but now With the help of the elders in the neighborhood, you are taking care of minor problems right away.”

Q. _ How did you initially make the decision to buy real estate?
“My husband bought it on a whim after watching YouTube. He said he was crazy to buy a country house built in 1973. I was very against it. In fact, there was a lot of trash to throw away, and there were a lot of places to repair. My husband said that a house of the same age as me was a gift to me, but I really hated that old country house. (Laughs)”

Q . Do you have any tips for choosing a property?
“I think I bought it without any countermeasures. In particular, when buying a country house, it’s basic common sense to avoid facilities that I hate, such as a barn, a steel tower, or a cemetery, but my husband only bought a ‘country house with rafters’ so he couldn’t see anything else. I think there was a barn in the neighborhood at first. My husband said it didn’t smell because it was winter when we bought the house, but it smelled really bad in the summer. I suffered a lot for a year. Fortunately, the barn is gone now.”

Q. _ What should I look for when buying a country house again?
“Recently, I can check real estate through YouTube. After that, I think I will live there after living there for at least a year. Once I buy a house, I have to spend several decades, but I have to experience four seasons. If time is difficult, “I have to visit the neighborhood at least once a month to look at the atmosphere and keep checking other properties for sale. I have to figure out the propensity of the people in the neighborhood. A house that I see for sale may sell, but there are plenty of other properties for sale토토사이트.”

Q. _ How much does it cost to buy real estate?
“I bought a house and land (180 pyeong) for 90 million won. It cost 10 million won for taxes, change of shape (in rural areas, houses are often built in fields), surveying, etc., and 60 million won for house repair alone. It cost as much as the cost of the house. You can see that it went in. It cost 5 million won for the interior for the rental.”

Q. _ How much was the initial cost?
“The house was not purchased for rental purposes, so there were interior costs. The facilities are still being upgraded little by little. Unexpected expenses include a broken boiler or an additional purchase of an air conditioner.”

Q. _ How much is your monthly sales?
“If the contract is full without vacancies, the sales will be about 2 million won per month. However, it is not full every month.”

Q. _ How long did it take to start earning a net profit?
“I think it’s a ‘house that will be empty’ anyway. I think the monthly income is the price of my cleaning labor. (Laughs) I am satisfied that the empty house is getting prettier as time goes by as it is continuously managed.”

Q. _ Are there any memorable guests or episodes?
“As the first guest, a young woman came alone. I thought, ‘What on earth did she come to the countryside for?’ You left a review saying that you were so happy for a week. At that time, I thought, ‘There are people in the world who like the countryside like this.’ I wanted to make those who are tired of the city more feel the romance of the countryside and the charm of rural life. After that, I made it so that I could make fire while watching the wood fire while watching the country night. (Laughs)”

Q . What do you recommend to those who dream of a second life?
“You have to have the right aptitude for dealing with people. If you can’t meet the guest’s propensity and needs, you’ll get a lot of stress. Like general accommodations, there are no single-night guests, so there’s a lot of time to spare, and since there’s nothing difficult other than cleaning, it’s easy for beginners. You can. If possible, the accommodation to be rented should be near the home where you live so that immediate action can be taken on complaints. We recommend that you do not invest a lot of money in the beginning, and upgrade little by little.”

Q. _ What was the reaction of the people around you?
“The residents of the neighborhood liked it. They say that the neighborhood, which was dark at night, has regained its vitality. They say that the neighborhood became brighter with just one house. With our efforts, issues such as barns, garbage disposal, and vacant houses have been improved, so the neighborhood has become very popular. It’s clean. It’s a disadvantage that the house is so large that it’s difficult to clean. It’s a cleaning that I do once a week, but there are parts that are too much for a woman to do alone.”

Q. _ Please give me one last word.
“I accidentally challenged myself as a host and rented a month to live for a year. There was a lot of trial and error, but I am happy whenever I hear from guests, ‘I rested well’ and ‘I healed properly’. Like us, in the countryside or empty house If so, I hope you try small challenges.

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