In order to trade coins, you need a bank account linked to a virtual currency exchange.

The prosecution, which is investigating the alleged violation of the Political Fund Act by Rep. Kim Nam-guk, is also looking into this part.

This is to ensure that there are no suspicious money flows안전놀이터.

This is Reporter Na Kyung-ryeol.


Prosecutors are looking at the deposit and withdrawal history of Rep. Kim Nam-guk’s commercial bank account.

I’m trying to find out if Congressman Kim bought virtual currency with his own money.

To buy coins, you need a commercial bank account linked to a coin exchange.

Upbit is connected to K-bank, Bithumb to Nonghyup, and Korbit to Shinhan Bank.

If Congressman Kim bought the coin with his own money, he will keep the virtual currency for the amount sent from his bank account.

Conversely, if he receives cryptocurrency from a third party or company, he will see a difference between the money he deposited and the amount of coins.

<Hong Ki-hoon / Hongik University Business Administration Professor> “If the source of the funds is not your own money, there could be various reasons for giving this coin. For example, the suspicion of lobbying…

” We are checking what happened,” he said.

In particular, the prosecution is expected to focus on revealing whether Congressman Kim has any coins received through overseas exchanges or external wallets.

If a coin that does not match the deposit and withdrawal details is found, the investigation of Congressman Kim’s violation of the Political Fund Act may speed up.

If the price is recognized, it is analyzed that bribery can be established.

It is expected that the prosecution will summon Kim for questioning after checking all of the bank accounts for the 41 coins that Congressman Kim bought and sold, including Wemix.

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