Tottenham Hotspur are looking for a new goalkeeper. This is because the next-generation gatekeeper is needed to succeed Hugo Lloris, whose contract expires after a year and a half.

The goalkeeper position is one of the challenges Tottenham Hotspur have to solve. Lloris is the starting goalkeeper, with 34-year-old Fraser Foster on the sub. Behind him are Alfie Whiteman and Brandon Austin. In fact, you can see Lloris leading almost every game and Foster preparing for the contingency.

It is Tottenham Hotspur who needs an immediate sense of power. There is a goalkeeper they are keeping an eye on, and that is Jan Sommer, who plays for Borussia Monchengladbach in the German Bundesliga. Sommer has been a regular goalkeeper in the Bundesliga for a long time. Having played 9 seasons in Borussia Monchengladbach alone, he is keeping his place without change.

Dutch legend star and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Marc van der Vaart praised Sommer in an interview with the Bundesliga official website, saying, “His footwork is better than all Schalke 04 field players. I’m not kidding.”

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel also praised Sommer as “Europe’s most underrated goalkeeper”. 스포츠토토

England’s ‘Give Me Sports’ reported that Tottenham Hotspur are keeping an eye on Sommer and are looking at Sommer as a possible replacement for Lloris. Of course, Everton’s Jordan Pickford and Leeds United’s Ilan Mellier are also being mentioned. Compared to 34-year-old Sommer, they are young players in their 20s, so the ransom is high.

Coincidentally, Sommer’s contract with his team expires in June next year. Currently, his market value is only 5 million euros (about 7 billion won). Tottenham Hotspur is expected to be a golden opportunity to acquire a new starting goalkeeper at minimal cost.