The United States, which has been arguing over Ukraine’s request for the latest fighter jets to fight against Russia, is eventually turning to support F-16 fighter jets.

US President Joe Biden, who is attending the G7 summit먹튀검증, has approved a plan to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets.

Correspondent Narim Kang reports from New York.

◀ Report ▶ The F-16

, the representative fighter of the Western world, equipped with radar and the latest missiles that can detect targets hundreds of kilometers away . Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is preparing for a counterattack, has appealed for support, saying that this F-16 support would be a game changer to end the war. [Volodymir Zelensky/President of Ukraine (Last 15th)] “Today we talked about jets. This is a very important topic for us because we cannot control the sky.” At the earnest request of Ukraine, the United States has finally begun to move. US President Joe Biden, who is attending the G7 summit , has approved a plan to train Ukrainian pilots for F-16 fighter jets.

U.S. instructors teach Ukrainian soldiers to fly and maintain F-16s themselves. There was also a report that the Biden administration would approve the re-export of the F-

16 to Ukraine by European allies currently operating the F-16 . The F-16 contains technology that is classified as a US secret, so other countries need US approval to provide fighter jets to Ukraine. [Jake Sullivan/US National Security Adviser for Foreign Affairs] “Over the next few months of training, the United States will work with allies to determine when, by whom, and how many fighters to deliver.” In the meantime, the United States has drawn a line in the request for fighter jets, citing the possibility of a direct confrontation between Russia and the West. Attention is also focused on the possibility that the United States will blitz formalize support for F-16 fighter jets if the bilateral meeting between President Biden and President Zelensky takes place at this G7 summit. This is MBC News Kang Na-rim from New York . Video coverage: Ahn Jung-gyu (New York) / Video editing: Song Ji-won MBC

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