Under the guidance of two students, Bill Kaplan and J.P. Massar, the MIT Blackjack Team was formed. They operated under strict rules and used a single hi-lo card counting strategy, and each new and existing member took regular classes and tests to keep their skills razor sharp. And it worked. 안전놀이터 It worked exceptionally well. The team quadrupled their $89,000 starting bankroll, pleasing investors while earning each team member $80 per hour.

At one stage, the team consisted of 80 players who were all living the dream. However, their biggest obstacle was when casinos began a serious crackdown on card counters. Casino employed teams of experts that continually monitored players via surveillance cameras. The technology progressed to such sophisticated levels that facial recognition software detected known card counters even if they wore a disguise. The MIT Blackjack team’s, indeed all card counting outfits, days were numbered.

Its members were all highly intelligent and realized there were easier, less risky ways to make money. Ultimately, this resulted in the team disbanding entirely by 2000, although the MIT team will forever be remembered by anyone with even the faintest interest in blackjack.