Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F) did not score. There was no means to offset the low score.

Suwon KT lost 59-69 먹튀검증 to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 18th. 7th again with 18 wins and 25 losses. The gap with 6th place Jeonju KCC (17-23) is half a game.

KT underwent major changes after the end of the 2021-2022 season. Ace Heo Hoon (180cm, G) enlisted in the Armed Forces Sports Unit, and both foreign players were replaced. Both the field commander who runs the game and the foreign players who need to hold the center have all changed.

That’s why KT thought Yang Hong-seok was important. Yang Hong-seok is a forward who has both physical and athletic abilities. He is also a forward with the highest energy level on the team. His 3-point shooting ability is also excellent.

However, he had to play more roles in the 2022-2023 season. The defense ratio has also increased, and the two-on-two development and court balance must be grasped.

However, the two foreign players who were supposed to take the base were sluggish. Landry Nnoko (208cm, C) was not strong in defense and rebounding, and EJ Anoshike (201cm, F), who was evaluated as having excellent offense, failed to show his ability to score.

As the competitiveness of foreign players declined, the atmosphere of domestic key resources also subsided. Yang Hong-seok was the same. He showed active offense as the main scorer, but suffered ups and downs in offense. He also lacked the role of ball handler that he sometimes had to play.

However, after Jarrod Jones (206cm, F) and Lester Prosper (204cm, C) joined KT, KT ran 6 wins in a row. Yang Hong-seok’s morale also went up.

However, the rise of KT and Yang Hong-seok was short-lived. Performance subsided again. The performance of the 6th place competitors such as KCC and DB has only subsided, but both KT and Yang Hong-seok must make ‘improvement of performance’ their first task.

Yang Hong-seok stepped on the court with Han Hee-won (195cm, F) and Ha Yoon-ki (204cm, C). Since Han Hee-won was in charge of number 2, KT’s tall lineup was made. Yang Hong-seok took the center stage in the tall lineup and served as a link through 3-point shots and breakthroughs.

He also struggled with the defense of Choi Jin-soo (202cm, F). However, Yang Hong-seok did not escape the check. The last score in the first quarter was also done that way. Yang Hong-seok’s last attack in the first quarter was meaningful as it was a goal that gave KT a two-point advantage (17-15).

Yang Hong-seok also stepped on the court in the second quarter. However, the team’s scoring was poor. Yang Hong-seok was like that too. He couldn’t even catch the ball properly against Choi Jin-soo’s defense. A structure that is difficult to achieve.

Nevertheless, Yang Hong-seok made a meaningful move 46.2 seconds before the end of the second quarter. After a 2-2 match at the top, he led Ha Yoon-gi’s foul free throw with a bounce pass. However, it was only 2 points until the first half, and the first half success rate was only 10% (2 points: 1/7, 3 points: 0/3).

KT also fell behind with 29-32. Jung Sung-woo (178cm, G) was out due to an injury, so Yang Hong-seok had to release more. However, Yang Hong-seok was tightly bound by the defense of Shin Min-seok (199cm, F). He retired to the bench 4:36 into the third quarter.

KT’s defense was also not done. It was shaken by Hyundai Mobis, which uses both under and outside the goal. The third quarter ended 43-59.

KT did not send Yang Hong-seok in the 4th quarter either. Ha Yoon-gi’s bench. Instead, they sent players with active and fighting spirit. I tried to close the gap with Hyundai Mobis with a quick attack following defense and rebound. It’s been like that for quite a long time. It was a kind of extreme drug prescription.

However, KT’s score did not come out. The KT bench sent Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki out again 5 minutes and 12 seconds before the end of the game. However, the flow passed to Hyundai Mobis, and Yang Hong-seok’s sweat also cooled. KT missed another chance to reach 6th place.

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