The Gimpo City Basketball Association took the first step toward establishing a 3×3 unemployment team. 

Currently, the only 3×3 team based on local governments in Korea is the Haneulnaeinje. Founded in 2019, Haneulinje is cruising with two championships and two runners-up this season, maintaining top-notch skills in Korea every year. 

Unlike other 3×3 teams sponsored by small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., Haneulnaerin Inje, which receives stable support, is treated at the highest level among 3×3 teams in Korea, and is parallel with corresponding results, regional development, and publicity activities. 

After the establishment of Inje, several local governments promoted the creation of 3×3 teams, but each time it failed. Considering the situation in which stable support is needed for the development of 3×3 in Korea, this is regrettable. 

In the midst of this, the Gimpo City 바카라사이트Basketball Association, which is carrying out various activities under the slogan of Happy Basketball City, started moving to establish the second local government 3×3 team in Korea. 

Headed by Chairman Koo Jeong-hoe, who served as vice chairman of the Korea Basketball Association’s 3×3 Performance Improvement Committee until last year, the executives and staff of the Gimpo City Basketball Association began preliminary work to establish a full-scale 3×3 team. 

Koo Jeong-hoe, chairman of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, said, “For more than three years, the Korea Basketball Association 3×3 Performance Improvement Committee has been watching the domestic 3×3 situation. It was a pity,” he said, “with this part of the regret, I thought about the establishment of the Gimpo City 3×3 team for several years. We decided to start discussions with the goal of establishing it.” 

Chairman Koo said, “The executives and employees of the Gimpo City Basketball Association are doing their best to establish the Gimpo City 3×3 team, risking life and death. First of all, this year, various players are recruited and competed in various combinations, and then the optimal combination is created and recruited to the Gimpo City 3×3 team. I intend to do it,” he added. 

Financial difficulties are unavoidable as the team has to be run by the Gimpo City Basketball Association, which is not yet officially supported by Gimpo City. 

The Gimpo City Basketball Association, which moved early to resolve this issue, confirmed cash and in-kind sponsorships from Gimpo Dajoeun Hospital, Aimit Sports, and Wilson, and is now positively negotiating with ‘Danal’, the No. 1 mobile phone payment service provider in Korea, as the main sponsor. is being discussed

The Gimpo City Basketball Association, which participated in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 Inje Tournament, which opened on the 13th to establish the second local government 3×3 team in Korea, played the game with its best efforts despite bad news such as the injury of a key player the day before the tournament. 

Currently running a youth basketball class in Gimpo City and participating in this tournament as a member of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, Park Jin-soo, a former male 3×3 national team member in 2019, said, “I heard that the Gimpo City Basketball Association is working hard to found a 3×3 team, so I participated to add some strength. I am busy with my current job, so I can’t play 3×3 like before, but I am still interested in 3×3. Because of this, if there is something that will help me in the future, I will actively contribute.”  

Although there is a long way to go to the final establishment, the Gimpo City Basketball Association, which began to actively move toward the founding of a 3×3 team, such as seeking sponsors on its own, said, “I want to achieve good results even if it takes time for the development of domestic basketball as well as Gimpo City.” If it becomes successful, it will be a good opportunity for the local players, and it will serve as an opportunity for the 3×3 to become more active. There will be a long way to go until the official establishment, but our association executives and staff, centered on Chairman Koo Jeong-hoe, will do their best to deliver good news.” He promised to contribute to the development of the local community not only by founding a 3×3 team in Gimpo City, but also by revitalizing sports for life and discovering excellent players in the region. 

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