A 13-year-old middle school student died a few hours after the accident, and a 16-year-old high school student was rushed to the trauma center at Gyeonggi Ajou University, but died today (19th). Both students were teenagers with a lot of things they wanted to do, but it became a dream that could not be achieved.

Reporter Choi Seung-hoon met with his family.


Children lower their heads and wipe their tears토스카지노.

My friends coming out of the funeral home are 13 years old and in their first year of middle school.

You are still too young to send friends.

Seeing the friends visiting, the father recalls the last phone call he had with his deceased daughter over and over again.

It was just before the accident.

[The father of the late Kim Mo: ‘I’m going to my dad’s house now that school is over’ and ‘I’ll make a video call (when I arrive)’… ]

I’m on my way to pick it up every day, but yesterday, I was exceptionally busy, so I couldn’t pick it up.

[The late father of Kim Mo: After one place (work) is over, the situation where you have to go to another place… ‘Go home first’ and the accident happened… ]

Dad resents himself.

Had it not been for the accident, her daughter would have achieved her dream of becoming a ‘college student’.

[The father of the late Kim Mo: He wants to learn harder and go abroad to play… I wanted to see you even enter university, but now I can’t see it… ]

A high school freshman named Jeong, who was hit by a car together, was taken to the trauma center at Ajou University Hospital, but eventually died.

The mortuary was set up in the same funeral home as Miss Kim’s.

[The father of the late Kim Mo: If it’s a sudden rash, then that man is not at fault. If he’s drowsy driving, I hope he gets a fair punishment… ]

The remaining family members did not recklessly resent the driver.

However, I wanted to clarify the cause of the accident and take responsibility.

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