Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) said he delivered a meaningful message to his teammates in the locker room before and after Japan won the World Baseball Classic on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time).

He said before the game, “Let’s not admire them. If we admire them, we cannot surpass them. We came here to win over them. Let’s throw away our respect for them and just think about winning.” They are the final opponent, the United States.

And about the message before the game at the press conference after the victory, “Of course, I respect American baseball because it is respectable. Looking at the batting line lined with powerful hitters, you can say this. ‘Obviously, I respect it, but at the same time, I feel like we’re going to lose.” Hey, you have to forget that kind of mind. At least you have to win without backing down.”

It is clear that Ohtani admired American baseball. Otherwise, he would never have thought of going to the major leagues. During the season last year, he said, “I decided to enter the major leagues not to make money, but to increase my chances of entering the Hall of Fame.” In other words, it means that he crossed the Pacific Ocean with the ambition to conquer the major leagues he had admired since childhood and stand tall as the best player in the world.

According to Ohtani, he managed himself according to a plan he had elaborated during his high school days and prepared the most effective methods to achieve the goals he had set for each field, and tried to faithfully follow them. Words such as management, goal, and execution represent the entrepreneurial spirit that underpinned the growth of American capitalism.

The basics of an athlete are physical and mental training. Ohtani focused on building stamina and maintaining composure. He realized early on that he needed to throw a fast ball, swing the bat quickly, and have an unwavering mind to rise to his top spot토토사이트. Japanese professional baseball, which uses sophisticated techniques and detailed baseball, may not have suited him.

He had already started throwing fastballs that exceeded 100 mph in high school, and his bat speed also reached a major league level of 110 mph or more. Major League Baseball is a baseball of power. Pitchers throw fast balls, batters hit hard. Since 2010, this trend is also revealed in statistics.

Pitchers are increasing strikeouts with fastballs. Hitters focus on batting to send the ball far, even if they strike out. This is why home runs and strikeouts are increasing. Home runs per game increased from 1.9 in 2010 to 2.02 in 2015, peaking at 2.78 in 2019. It slightly decreased to 2.44 in 2021 and 2.14 last year, but this is seen as a temporary phenomenon due to the adjustment of the coefficient of restitution and the expansion of the strike zone.

Strikeouts per game increased from 14.12 in 2010 to 15.42 in 2015, 17.62 in 2019, 17.36 in 2021 and 16.8 last year. The bat speed, or exit speed, of major league hitters shows a clear trend of increase, from 88.2 miles in 2015 to 88.7 miles in 2019, 88.8 miles in 2021, and 88.6 miles last year. The average velocity of the pitchers’ four-seam fastball was 92.3 miles in 2010, 93.2 miles in 2015, 93.8 miles in 2021, and 94.0 miles last year.

Ohtani set the WBC records for highest exit velocity (118.7 miles), highest pitching velocity (102.0 miles), and longest distance (448 feet).

Ohtani, who has conquered the United States in the most ‘American’ way, is now preparing to sortie for the opening game of the regular season. He is expected to pitch in a minor league game on the 25th and improve his pitching skills. He will begin the 2023 season with the starter for the Opening Day against the Oakland Athletics on March 31.

Angels manager Phil Nevin said on the 23rd, “Ohtani will throw on Friday (local 24th) to start the opening game.”

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