Instructor Hisanori Takahashi praised the Doosan Bears for having many players with outstanding qualities.

Doosan is sweating hard by setting up a spring camp in Australia.

Doosan, which ranked ninth for the first time since its founding last year, is determined to restore its honor this year.

Instructor Takahashi joined on the 9th and left the country on the 25th after guiding the team.

He provided overall coaching, from the in-game know-how gained through Japanese professional baseball and the major leagues to the mental elements a pitcher should have. In addition to the young left-handed pitcher expected at first, he conveyed his know-how to the entire pitching staff and showed an active appearance, such as throwing a batting ball for batting training.

Takahashi Instructor said, “I saw more good players than I thought at Doosan. There are many pitchers with strengths, but among them, Hong Kun-hee, Kwak Bin, Kim Ho-jun, and Choi Seung-yong stood out. Not only the qualities of good players, but also their efforts were impressive. I ordered ‘Know yourself first’. If you don’t know yourself, studying the other person won’t be very effective.”

He continued, “I came to Australia because of my relationship with manager Lee Seung-yeop, and I look forward to coach Lee Seung-yeop. I realized that he also has a high understanding of baseball. It feels good to have one more team to support. I’ll do it,” he expected.먹튀검증

Manager Lee said, “I sincerely thank Instructor Takahashi for guiding me wholeheartedly. He did not stop at the young left-handed pitchers I had originally expected, but passed on his know-how to the entire pitching staff. If the players felt even one small point, it would be a success.” marked

Doosan pitcher Choi Seung-yong said, “I constantly inquired and learned a lot about the changeup grip and throwing method. It was an opportunity to improve overall, from the image to draw when throwing the ball, mentality, and movement in the set position. Also, the need to develop more physical strength as a starting pitcher. I also felt it again,” he explained.

Kim Ho-joon said honestly, “From bullpen pitching, he emphasized that you can give the coach confidence by throwing a stable ball. Also, I was able to refine the technical aspects, such as the importance of using the lower body and how to hold the right shoulder open.”

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