A new history of billiards in Korea has been written.

Afreeca TV announced on the 18th that ‘Myeong-gyu Oh’ won the world championship champion title at the World Junior 3-Cushion Championships held in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The World 3-Cushion Championships is the most prestigious 3-cushion international competition in which top-ranked athletes selected from each continent compete.

Oh Myung-gyu, who was competing for the first time in this competition, won a dramatic victory by defeating Germany’s Amir Ibramov. With this win, Myung-gyu Oh became the fourth junior world champion in Korean history, following Haeng-jik Kim, Tae-gwan Kim, and Myung-woo Cho.카지노사이트

The final was a long match, as expected from junior players, but it was a close match with a narrow score gap maintained until the end. The first half ended at 19-20 with Oh Myung-gyu trailing by one point. In the second half, the two players repeatedly tied and came back to tie the game at 32-32 in 33 innings. In the 37th inning, which was the last inning, he handled a somewhat difficult ball well and won the championship with a score of 35-33.

This World Championships was a feast for Korea. With Oh Myung-gyu’s victory in the junior competition, Korea achieved two gold medals and three bronze medals at the World Championships. In the men’s division, which was held first, Cho Myung-woo tied for 3rd place, and in the women’s division, Lee Shin-young won the first ever Korean women’s billiards title, and Kim Ha-eun tied for 3rd place.

The World Championships concludes with the final art ball competition. The main matches of the 31st World Arts Ball Championships, which will be held from the 20th to the 23rd, will be broadcast live on Afreeca TV.

The live broadcast schedule, replays, and highlights of the competition can be found on the Afreeca TV billiards page. In addition to competition information, the billiards page provides a variety of content such as news, hot issue videos, and interviews related to AfreecaTV’s billiards content.

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