I told you yesterday (13th) that the police conducted a search and seizure on large movie theaters and distributors suspected of manipulating the number of audiences먹튀검증. However, it has been confirmed that there are dozens of films that have been subject to investigation in addition to the previously known four.

This is reporter Park Jae-yeon’s exclusive report.


Four films, including ‘Emergency Declaration’ and ‘Hot Blood’, were released last year.

They are accused of manipulating box office rankings by falsely counting the number of viewers, and three large domestic distributors and three movie theaters are under investigation.

However, as a result of the SBS coverage, it was confirmed that dozens of other movie ticketing records were included in the search and seizure.

A police official said, “We are examining the materials of dozens of films obtained through the search and seizure yesterday, one by one. Depending on the results of the analysis, the investigation may be expanded to other distributors.”

Prior to the search and seizure, it was confirmed that the police had already investigated the film promotion committee officials as references and secured a list of suspected movies based on ticketing information.

It is expected that it will be possible to identify manipulation by comparing and analyzing the ticketing details of movie theaters and the actual number of audiences and sales reported to the Youngjin Committee.

In addition to the so-called ‘ghost screening’ method, in which a movie is played without an audience at late night time, the police are also looking into the possibility that the distributor may have affected the number of audiences by buying a movie ticket and then canceling it with a time difference.

[Ryu Ho-jeong/Rep. Jeong Eui-dang (National Superintendent of the Yeongjinwi Committee, October of last year): The current integrated computer network system collects data only for ticketed and non-issued tickets, so it seems to be creating room for ranking manipulation.] The police analyzed the confiscated items

. As soon as the film is finished, we plan to initiate a summons investigation into the distributors and movie theater officials.

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