The super rookie who led Dankook University to the championship was striker Jeong Jae-sang (19).

Jeong Jae-sang is a freshman who led Dankook University to become the champion at the 59th Spring University Football Federation in Tongyeong, the land of promise that ended on the 25th. After entering this year, he played a key role in the offense by starting all 6 games and recording 2 goals and 3 assists. In particular, in the final against Jeju International University, he contributed to the equalizer by scoring a penalty kick, and scored the winning goal in the 42nd minute of the second half when the score was 2-2, playing a decisive role in winning the championship. He was undoubtedly the best player ever.메이저사이트

Jeong Jae-sang was born in 2004 and is in his first year. He is a rookie who has not even had an entrance ceremony yet, but he showed an overwhelming presence in his first tournament and even experienced a victory. His talent and potential can be seen in the fact that he not only participated but also contributed greatly to the team’s game and took the ace position at once.

Jeong Jae-sang said, “I feel good, but I am confused. When he went to college, everything was obviously different. He felt that speed, strength, and tempo were different from high school, so it was not easy.” I am satisfied with the fact that I have helped the team to some extent.”

The most lacking position in Korean football these days is the front striker. Compared to other offensive resources such as attacking midfielders and wingers, orthodox strikers suffer from a famine. Jeong Jae-sang has been evaluated as having the qualities to become a big striker since high school. He possesses a variety of skills that a striker should have, including a solid physical height of 188 cm, fast speed for his height, and shooting ability that allows him to freely use both feet. He said, “I still have a lot of shortcomings, but I am working hard to become a better striker by watching and studying the videos of various players.”

Jung Jae-sang’s role model is Cho Kyu-seong, who played a big role in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Jeong Jae-sang said, “Watching the World Cup, I thought that I was the player I should be like. He wants to be modeled on his good physicality and the way he threatens opponents by running a lot. Just looking at the scene of scoring a goal is really cool,” he said. I will work harder to become such a destructive striker.”

Recently, Jung Jae-sang also went to the under-20 national team, which was mainly composed of his 2003-year-old. He participated in the warm-up match against Uzbekistan last year and participated in winter training in Spain this year. Although he did not make it to the final list, he is steadily growing and taking steps. He said, “I had a good experience. He said, “It would have been nice if I had been in the entry, but just the experience was helpful,” he said. He talked about his aspirations, saying, “I will try to become a better player.

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