The taxi driver who reported Jung Yoo-jeong (23)메이저놀이터, who murdered a fellow woman and mutilated and abandoned her body, reportedly called the police when he saw water leaking from the bag containing the body.

According to a report by JTBC on June 6, the driver of the taxi that Jung Jeong-jeong took when she murdered her victim and abandoned the bag containing her body has recently stopped working, complaining of anxiety around her. He is also reportedly avoiding outside contact.

Jung Yoo-jeong used the taxi when she dumped her body in a park in Yangsan, Gyeongnam Province, on the afternoon of March 26. She put some of the body parts in a suitcase and hailed a taxi, and when she arrived at her destination, she abandoned the suitcase.

Mr. A initially thought she was traveling alone. He reportedly helped her remove the suitcase from the trunk, but after noticing that it was leaking water, he called the police.

According to a fellow driver, Mr. A said, “I held the suitcase for her, but something like water leaked out and my hands got wet.” When she got into the car and checked her hands, she realized they were covered in blood and called the police.

Thanks to A’s report, the police were able to identify the body, conduct an investigation, and arrest the refiner.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the psychopathic diagnosis test conducted on Jung had exceeded the normal range. Earlier, the police had conducted a psychopath diagnostic test on Jung as she was committing bizarre acts such as mutilating and abandoning bodies and making unclear statements about her motives.

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