Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (38), who advanced to the Saudi Arabian league, added two assists and helped the team compete for the league championship.

Ronaldo’s team, Al-Nasr, won 2-1 in the home game against Alta Won in the 17th round of the Saudi League in the 2022-2023 season held at Mursul Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 18th (Korean time).

Al-Nasr recorded 12 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, standing side by side with Al Ittihad and Al-Shabab with 40 points, but ranked first in goal difference.

Ronaldo, wearing the captain’s armband,메이저사이트 failed to score a goal that day. In the 5th minute of the first half, he attempted a mid-range shot with his left foot after a dribble that deceived the defender near the opponent’s penalty arc, but the ball narrowly crossed over the goal.

Instead, Ronaldo added strength by recording two assists.

Ronaldo gave Abdulrahman Garib a long penetrating pass in the 17th minute of the first half when the score was 0-0, providing a unique opportunity. Garib managed to score comfortably after bypassing the opposing defender.

After conceding an equalizer and making it 1-1, Ronaldo fired several shots and aimed for the winning goal, but the opposing goalkeeper blocked it.

In the 33rd minute of the second half, Ronaldo recorded a sneaky assist. I put my foot on the shot from my teammate, but the ball bounced off Ronaldo’s heel in front of the goal. The ball was kicked by his teammate Abdullah Madou. Offside was declared, but after Ronaldo’s strong protest and video review, the goal was recognized.

With two assists on the day, Ronaldo scored 5 goals and 2 assists after advancing to Saudi Arabia.

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