Is Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) above the rules?

Al Nasr beat Al Tawon 2-1메이저사이트 in the 2022-2023 season Saudi League Round 17 held at Mursul Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the morning of the 18th (Korean time). Al-Nasr, with 40 points, regained the league lead.

Ronaldo recorded his first Saudi league assist. Al Nasr scored the opening goal in the 17th minute of the first half. After catching the ball with Ronaldo’s pass near the half-line, Abdulrahman Ghalib passed the defender with a dribble, then looked at the goalkeeper and hit a diagonal shot with his right foot. The shot went clear into the net. They ran up to Ronaldo and hugged and celebrated the goal.

The controversial scene came in the 33rd minute of the second half when the two teams faced each other 1-1. Ronaldo up front touched the ball in an obviously offside position. The ball bounced off Ronaldo’s foot and Abdul Madou scored the goal from behind.

The referee immediately called it offside, and when the goal was canceled, Ronaldo gestured absurdly. An angry Ronaldo openly mocked the referee and induced cheers from the crowd. This act of insulting the referee was enough to give Ronaldo a yellow card.

In the end, the referee conducted a video review belatedly and overturned the decision by conceding a goal. It was determined that Ronaldo touched the ball in an offside position but did not intentionally touch the ball. This time, Altawon players strongly protested. In the process, Ronaldo engaged in a fierce battle of nerves with his opponents, but again no warning was given.

It is difficult to understand how the referee overturned Ronaldo’s obvious offside even after reading the video. Moreover, Ronaldo mocked and ignored the referee and his opponent, but he was not even given a warning. It is doubtful whether the referee was not able to make a proper judgment because of the value of the name Ronaldo.

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