On the 13th, a video about Kwon Ah-sol (36, FREE) losing weight and Yoo Dae-kyung’s boxing special match was released on Gao Hyung Life, the personal YouTube channel of Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong.

Kwon Ah-sol will go to Goobne ROAD FC 062 held at the Swiss Grand Hotel Seoul in Hongeun-dong from 4:00 pm on the 18th, for a match for revenge.

In the video filmed on the 12th, Kwon Ah-sol recorded a weight of 81.5 kg. You have to lose up to 73 kg of contract weight. It was at the point where his weigh-in was five days away, so it seemed that he needed to lose weight severely.

“So far it has been smooth. When our public sees this, ‘what? 5 days left, 8 kg left? You’ll think, ‘I can’t take out that trash. However, if the players weigh 8kg, in fact, they are falling well as planned, but if (Kwon Ah-sol) does not let go of his mind, he can succeed.”

In addition, Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “Originally, 95 kg? I lost 14kg, but I still have 8kg left. Also, people say, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ It can be like this, but I didn’t manage it too much in normal times. I couldn’t control my desire (to eat),” he said honestly.

Kwon A-sol’s weight is attracting more attention because there is a contract regarding the weight requested by his opponent Koji Nakamura (37, pancrase osaka inagakigumi). The terms of the contract are that if Kwon A-sol fails to weigh in, he will not compete, and he must pay 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money to himself.

Kwon Ah-sol, who was preparing for the match, asked Chairman Jung Moon-hong about the boxing match of martial artist DK YOO, which has recently become an issue. 스포츠토토

On the 11th, a boxing special match between Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao (44) and Yoo Dae-kyung took place at KINTEX in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province. It became a big issue because it was Manny Paquoao’s match held in Korea.

“Yoo Dae-kyung seems to be really great,” he said. “I know the contents. At first, when going through this process, Mr. Yoo Dae-kyung had a conversation with Road FC,” Chairman Jung Moon-hong revealed his thoughts on Yoo Dae-kyung.

In addition, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “I thought the game would not take place. But in the end, he made it himself. It seems really great. I’m not talking about the content of the match,” said the promoter, “I made this match up to the end by myself.”

Goobne ROAD FC 062 will be broadcast on SPOTV, Afreeca TV, Daum Sports, and Kakao TV from 4:00 on the 18th. Also, from 1:00 pm on the 17th, the day before the tournament, the Goobne ROAD FC 062 official weigh-in event and press conference will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel ‘Gao Hyung Life’.

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