“I was taking a half-body bath, but there was a video.”

Lotte Giants Kim Min-seok started as center fielder and second batter in a practice match against SSG Landers held at Gushikawa Stadium in Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on the 4th. He went 5 at bats, 5 hits, 2 RBIs, 2 runs, and 2 steals, truly performing as a ‘one-man show’.

So far, it is clear that he is performing an active role worthy of the modifier ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’. Kim Min-seok reported his first hit on the 22nd of last month in an exchange match with the Chiba Lotte Marines 2nd Division, and hit the Samsung Lions on the 28th.

Coach Larry Sutton said of the ‘super rookie’, “Min-seok Kim makes me wonder every time I see him. He leaves an impression every day, every game, and every training session. Despite being a young player, he has a good attitude towards training. And he shows confidence. He showed it in the baseball field,” he praised. And his 4th was his best performance.

In the first at-bat in the first inning, Kim Min-seok had a good start by getting a hit in front of the right fielder against SSG starter Moon Seung-won. And in the second at-bat with no one out and first base in the 3rd inning, he tried a surprise bunt with a sense, and produced a bunt hit in front of the third baseman, completing a ‘multi-hit’ early on.

The hot blow continued. Kim Min-seok exploded a 1-run double that split the middle right at 2 out 1 base in the 3rd inning with a narrow lead of 2-1. Then, in the 6th inning, he recorded a double again, and in the last at-bat in the bottom of the 8th, he scored 1 RBI in a timely manner, finally completing the 5-hit game.

The five hits were the most hits in a game of Kim Min-seok’s baseball life. Kim Min-seok said, “I think I’ve hit 4 in a game so far, but it’s the first time I’ve hit 5. Before that, I got hits, but the quality of the ball wasn’t very good. So I asked my coach for advice and watched a lot of videos in high school.” “I tried to play like I did in high school, but I got good results,” he said with a smile.먹튀검증

What was the difference between high school and now? Kim Min-seok said, “Yesterday (3rd), I was taking a half-body bath, but Wi-Fi didn’t work, so I accidentally watched a high school video while organizing a video gallery. When I was in high school, I didn’t hit the ball with force because there was movement in the lower body. I was in a hurry to hit it, but I felt a lot in the high school video.”

Kim Min-seok also shared his impressions of dealing with professional pitchers. He shyly laughed, saying, “I think I am the same pitcher, not a professional pitcher, and try to hit. However, famous players become a little conscious.”

Kim Min-seok is the only ‘rookie’ player who survived the 1st Guam spring camp, the 2nd Ishigaki, and the 3rd Okinawa. First overseas spring camp. Kim Min-seok said, “I am satisfied that I have not been hurt so far. The defense has also improved a lot. The bat was not good at the beginning, but I think I have found my pace a little.” “he emphasized.

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