#A, who made a reservation for a golf course in the metropolitan area, hurriedly called his friends, asking, “Can we play a round on Saturday?” This is because a friend injured his ankle and cannot play golf. At this golf course, even if 3 people play, 4 people must pay the green fee, and if the round is canceled, 4 people must pay the full green fee. Mr. A burst into anger, saying, “The weekend green fee is 300,000 won.”

# Mr. B, who visited a local golf course, experienced an absurd thing. He put 500ml of coffee in his bag and was assaulted. Mr. B said, “I brought a bottle of coffee that has nothing to do with it. However, I was so embarrassed to hear that I could be kicked out if I refused to confiscate it.” . In the end, Mr. B had to buy and drink 12,000 won coffee sold at the golf course.

In the future, it is expected that there will be less ‘gap-jil’ that requires reservations on the condition of using clubhouse restaurants at golf courses or forced purchases of food and other items at rest areas such as ‘shady houses’. Penalties for cancellation of golf course reservations are also imposed differently depending on the timing.

On the 18th, the Fair Trade Commission announced that it had amended the ‘Standard Terms and Conditions for the Use of Golf Courses’. The standard terms and conditions are a kind of model terms and conditions disseminated by the Fair Trade Commission by sector. Business operators do not have to follow it, but from next year, they must use standard terms and conditions to be designated as a ‘public golf course’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.메이저놀이터

In the revised standard terms and conditions, a new ‘compulsory restriction on purchase of goods and food’ was newly established to prevent business operators from forcing golf course users to make reservations or purchase goods and food on the condition of using the clubhouse restaurant.

The penalty standard that users must pay when canceling a golf course reservation will also become clearer. In the past, there was a problem in that excessive penalties were imposed by applying the standards set by individual golf courses. The revised standard terms and conditions stipulate that if the scheduled date of use falls on a weekend or holiday, even if the reservation is canceled up to four days in advance, a full refund will be received and no penalty will be paid. In case of cancellation 2-3 days in advance, 10% of the golf course fee per team, 20% for the day before, and 30% for the same day will be charged as a cancellation fee. The golf course fee for each team is the basic golf course fee multiplied by the number of people, excluding incidental expenses such as cart fees. If the scheduled date of use is a weekday, there is no penalty for cancellation up to three days in advance. 10% of the service fee if canceled two days in advance, 20% if canceled the day before, and 30% on the same day as a penalty. When a business operator cancels a reservation due to golf course circumstances, the same standard for breach of contract was applied to business operators, such as compensating for a penalty of 10 to 30% depending on the date of cancellation of the reservation.

An official from the Fair Trade Commission said, “Until now, some operators have charged 100% of the usage fee as a penalty or arbitrarily set the admission fee.”