How does manager Ki-il Nam see토토사이트 manager Lee Jeong-hyo, who has emerged as the most talked-about figure in the K-League 1?

Coach Lee Jung-hyo is the best K-League 1 star to date. He drew attention by leading the promoted Gwangju FC and causing a sensation. He brought the image that was raging in K League 2 to K League 1. When you watch Gwangju soccer, the switching between the players stands out and it brings fun to the viewers with dynamic movements. Above all, the highlight is the interview with director Lee Jung-hyo. He continues to show his presence to the fans by driving a topic in every interview.

In fact, in the K-League, coach press conferences were mainly focused on conveying information about the team situation, preparation process, and messages to fans, except on special days. It’s rare to talk hard with a character like director Lee Jung-hyo or bring a huge issue.

In the past, director Lee Jung-hyo didn’t have a big enough presence to say, “I feel like I’m being ignored.” Not anymore. The coach with the greatest presence in the K-League 1 this season and the most famous coach in a short period of time is, of course, coach Lee Jeong-hyo. It is monopolizing the attention of the media and fans, and coach Lee Jung-hyo’s football and interviews are the top interests of each round.

Before becoming the head coach of Gwangju, coach Lee Jeong-hyo was in the division of coach Nam Ki-il. I threw a question about director Lee Jung-hyo, who is flying away from his arms, to Nam Ki-il. In a preliminary interview with Jeju United and Incheon United held on the 10th, manager Ki-il Nam asked manager Lee Jeong-hyo a question, and he laughed and replied, “It’s a sensitive question.” ” said

“I really appreciate playing with one’s own philosophy. Now that I’m in the beginning stage of my coaching career, there seems to be a lot of confusion. What I did in K-League 2, what I’m doing in K-League 1, through this experience I think he will become a more growing director. Director Lee Jung-hyo will become a very good director in the future.”

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