Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has said that the Oakland Athletics’ move could be approved as early as June.

“We’re going to have an owners스포츠토토‘ vote on the move as early as June,” Manfred told The Associated Press and other local media during a visit to American Family Field, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, on June 26.

Major League Baseball will hold its owners meetings from June 13-15 in New York City, New York. It is expected to discuss the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas.

Commissioner Manfred gives an interview. Photo (Milwaukee, USA)=ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
“There’s an internal process that needs to happen in order to make that move, and we haven’t started that yet,” he said.

The Athletics, who have long sought to build a new stadium but have been unable to reach an agreement with the city of Oakland over cost-sharing, are moving to Las Vegas.

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo said recently that state legislative leaders and the Athletics have finalized an agreement on tax financing for the new stadium. The agreement is subject to congressional approval.

Asked whether Oakland’s chances of keeping the Athletics are completely gone, Manfred cut him off, saying, “That’s a question you have to ask the mayor of Oakland.” “The mayor of Oakland has indicated that he would block negotiations since the Athletics settled with Las Vegas. I can’t anticipate all of the future. We don’t have a full agreement with Vegas yet. We’ll see how it plays out,” he added.

Oakland’s current home, the Oakland Coliseum, is among the most dilapidated stadiums in the majors.

“They continue to make decisions that don’t bring the stadium up to the level of care that it needs to be, and as a result, attendance has declined and the team’s performance has been affected,” Manfred said.

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