McGregor makes an average of $26 to $39.6 million per UFC fight and takes in an additional $12.3 billion a year from the cage, according to Forbes.

He has 46 million followers on Instagram alone, and ‘Middle Easy’ reports that his sponsored post costs £120,000 per post. Khabib Nurmagomedov, who knocked out McGregor 안전놀이터

in 2018, is second. With 34.1 million followers on Instagram, he earns £34,100 per post. In third place is former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (33). With 7 million followers, you can earn £19.000 per post (approximately 9 million won for 2 ships). 37-year-old Nate Diaz, who left the UFC last year but is emerging as a potential opponent for McGregor’s comeback, is in fourth place. With 6 million followers, he gets £16,300 per post. In fifth place is Anderson Silva with 4.7 million followers. At 47, he left the Octagon long ago, but remains a fan favorite. The price per post is £12,000. 6th place is Kamjat Chimaev, 7th place is Dustin Poirier with 4 million 200,000 people, 8th place is Saint-Pierre with 4.1 million people, but the price per post is more than Saint-Pierre at 11,200 pounds (about 17 million won).

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