The status of baseball in our country is high. It is so popular that the number of spectators for professional baseball this year is expected to reach 8 million. When an international competition is held, interest is high. In contrast, domestic infrastructure such as baseball stadiums is weak. So, I strongly support building a new stadium. However, we are opposed to new construction without alternatives.

Recently, a plan to build a new dome stadium at Jamsil Baseball Stadium was announced. If you are a baseball fan, this is a welcome issue. However, it was suddenly announced as if on notice. I don’t know the inside story. It was the same when Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium disappeared, but it seems that the opinions of baseball players were not properly reflected this time as well.

Looking back, the demolition of the Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium, which has deep historical significance, was largely the fault of our seniors who could not stop it. This time, following Dongdaemun Stadium, Jamsil Stadium will disappear. Jamsil is a mecca for Korean baseball that opened in 1982. At least it is said that a new soccer stadium with a dome will be built in its place, which is welcome news.카지노사이트

The problem is that it is unclear where LG and Doosan will go while the new baseball stadium is being built. This is because they say Jamsil Main Stadium cannot be used due to safety issues. Where on earth should LG and Doosan play baseball for the past 6 years?

It is also an act of disregard for the fans who have been visiting Jamsil Baseball Stadium for a long time. Professional baseball was praised, saying, “There is no performance that attracts more than 10,000 people every day,” but, as was the case this time, it was completely excluded from policy decisions. They didn’t listen to the voices of the sports scene and they didn’t listen to the voices of the fans.

Simply thinking, “If we build a good baseball stadium, fans and baseball players will like it,” is a very short-sighted judgment. Looking at this situation, I don’t think it’s the decision makers’ fault, but rather that they don’t know much. Nevertheless, if they allow wrong decisions to be made, it is the baseball player’s fault.

There is still opportunity and time for a solution. KBO, LG, and Doosan must respond strongly, and baseball players must speak with one voice instead of holding their breath like they did when the Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium was demolished. 6 years is a long time. During that period, 12 million fans can gather at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. In the future, 12 million fans will have nowhere to go. If the main stadium doesn’t work, where should we go?

Policy makers must listen to the voices of field experts and fans even now.

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