It has been reported that Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) may not play the remaining schedule to undergo elbow surgery.

Kevin Ace of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the 10th (Korean time) that Machado may be out of action due to recurring elbow problems, particularly ‘lateral epicondylitis’.

The muscles and tendons that extend from the wrist to the elbow are attached to the lower part of the humerus, and this area is called the epicondyle. If you overuse your arm muscles, the tendons in this area will be slightly torn, causing pain.

This is Machado’s second season dealing with an injury, and it has been reported that he may opt for surgery to avoid affecting his preparations for the start of spring training next year.

Lateral epicondylitis does not typically require surgery, but surgery may be necessary to address the injury that has plagued the third baseman for the past two years.스포츠토토

“The pain has become more frequent and severe recently,” the Ace said, pointing out that Machado has only served as a designated hitter for the past seven games.

Even in his role of only hitting, Ace said, “I felt tremendous pain every time (Machado) swung.”

Machado was sidelined early in the season due to a minor hand fracture.

Due to ongoing elbow problems, Machado hit .253/.317/.453 with 26 home runs in 545 plate appearances this season. He’s still at 112 wRC+, but well below Machado’s standards.

Some argue that San Diego is only recording 67 wins and 75 losses this season due to Machado’s sluggish performance.

MLBTR said, “In a situation where the playoffs have actually been thwarted, it may be better for San Diego to ‘shut down’ Machado and proceed with his rehabilitation (regardless of surgery) as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, if Machado ‘shuts down’, it is highly likely that Ha-seong Kim will take over third base for the remaining games.

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