Unable to tolerate the behavior of the crowd criticizing him, he was punished by a suspension from the competition because he was grabbed by the collar. The main character is Anthony Rendon (infielder) who plays for the Los Angeles Angels of the Major League (MLB토토사이트).

The MLB Secretariat announced on the 4th (Korean time) that “Rendon will be suspended for five games and fined.” The MLB Secretariat added, “If (Rendon) does not accept the decision, he may appeal,” adding, “in this case, disciplinary action is suspended.”

Rendon expressed his intention to appeal through the Angels club. The amount of the fine imposed by the MLB Secretariat was not disclosed.

He struggled with the crowd after the opening game against the Oakland Athletics on the 31st of last month (March). Landon collided with a fan while crossing the aisle in front of the stands after the game.

According to the released video, Rendon grabbed a man wearing an Oakland hat by the collar and asked, “What did you say?” In the midst of this, he swung his hand and the male avoided it.

The scene was captured on video taken by another spectator. Rendon made his MLB debut in 2013 with the Washington Nationals. He was regarded as an infielder who represented his team and league during his Washington days. He watches both second and third base and has the ability to play multiple positions.

Landon moved to the Angels ahead of the 2020 season. The Angels had a lot to look forward to.

It presented a large contract of 245 million dollars (about 320.7 billion won) in total for 7 years. However, Landon was plagued by injuries and sluggishness with the Angels. Last season, he only appeared in 47 games, hitting 2.29 with 5 home runs and 24 RBI.

He has appeared in two games since the start of this season and has stayed with no hits and one RBI.

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