The Chinese media are pouring out cold evaluations of Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun). 

Xiaojun Lin was named to the 1000m and 1500m preliminary list at the 4th competition of the International Skating Union (ISU) 2022-2023 Short Track World Cup held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 16th (Korean time), but withdrew. 

Lan Xiaojun has repeatedly withdrawn from previous World Cup events, raising concerns. 

Xiaojun Lin withdrew from the individual event after suffering an injury in the relay race at the first round of the ISU World Cup held in October. Xiaojun Lin, who missed the second competition, won a silver medal in the mixed relay at the third competition. 

However, Xiaojun Lin disappeared again in the 4th tournament. If he is unable to participate in the individual event, it seems difficult for him to participate in the team event. 

Sohu reported, “Lin Xiaojun failed to finish 4 times in the 5 competitions he had after naturalizing in China and only won 1 silver medal.” 

“Lin Xiaojun received high expectations from fans at the time of his naturalization because he is a world championship and Olympic champion. Unfortunately, due to a long period of decline in performance and ability, he has been performing below expectations in recent competitions,” he said  토토

. also worried about the future of Lin Xiaojun, highlighting the fact that the Chinese relay team won medals without Lin Xiaojun in the previous article.In the same day, the media emphasized the story and expressed Lin Xiaojun’s unstable position in a roundabout way. . 

The media said, “It is questionable whether there is fuel left in Lin Xiaojun’s fuel tank. There is a big question mark in his future.