The news that the major league radar is targeting Lee Jung-hoo 토토사이트(Kiwoom Heroes) has been heard for a long time.

‘Cubbies Crib’, which deals with the news of the Chicago Cubs, published an article titled ‘The Cubs are observing Korean outfielder Lee Jeong-hoo’ on the 14th (Korean time).

The media said, ‘The biggest issue the Chicago Cubs will deal with in the offseason at the end of this year is to recruit an impact hitter, and for this, all the club’s resources must be poured. The news from Korea is interesting,” he said, adding, “The Cubs are running scouts to evaluate Lee Jung-hoo.”

The Cubs look very difficult to make it to the postseason this year. As of this day, it is 4th in the Central Division of the National League with 28 wins and 37 losses, with a 6.5 game gap to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who lead the district, and a 5.5 game gap to the Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants, tied for 3rd in the wild card.

Among the 15 NL teams, all indicators are tied for 12th in average score (4.22), 11th in team batting average (0.243), 12th in team OPS (0.713), 10th in team home runs (72) and team steals (46). There is not a single 30 hitter.

Outfielders include Japanese hitter Seiya Suzuki (0.278, 7 homers, 0.817 OPS), injured Cody Bellinger (0.271, 7 homers, 0.830 OPS), Ian Happ (0.260, 4 homers, 0.764 OPS), and Mike Turkman (0.259). , OPS 0.699) and Christopher Morel (0.258, 10 homers, 0.956) are active, and the player who will become a free agent at the end of this year is Bellinger.

Of course, the Cubs are not the only clubs observing Lee Jung-hoo. According to the Kiwoom team, the major league clubs that observed Lee this year include the Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh, New York Yankees and Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco, Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, LA Dodgers, and Philadelphia. Phyllis, etc.

However, the Japanese Professional Baseball (NPB) team is also showing interest in Lee Jung-hoo. Scouts from the Cubs, Oakland, Dodgers, Yankees, San Francisco, and Yomiuri Giants appeared in the game against the LG Twins held in Gocheok on the 8th. It is remarkable that the NPB club visited Gocheok Sky Dome to see Lee Jung-hoo.

It is not only the merits of Lee Jung-hoo that are highlighted. In particular, it is questionable whether hitting related to power will work in the major leagues. Curvis Creep said, ‘We can never be sure if Lee Jung-hoo’s power will be displayed in MLB as it is, and the fact that he is showing a downward trend this year raises such concerns.’ Still, ‘but when Lee Jung-hoo enters the MLB next year, he will only be 25 years old. He has plenty of time to adapt, so he could be attractive to a team like the Cubs.”

As mentioned by this media, all indicators of Lee Jung-hoo fell compared to last year. In 59 games, the batting average is 0.299 (70 hits in 234 at-bats), 6 home runs, 34 RBIs, and 35 runs, and the OPS is only 0.849. At the same time last year, the batting average was 0.329 (75 hits in 228 at-bats), 9 home runs, 41 RBIs, 34 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.924.

However, Lee Jung-hoo, who suffered from sluggishness until mid-May, is currently feeling the blow. From May 27th to the KIA Tigers match on the 13th, he started to show what he expected by recording a batting average of 0.450 (27 hits in 60 at-bats), 3 homers, and an OPS of 1.279 in 15 games. This rising trend may have fueled Yomiuri’s interest.

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