Starting this year, players belonging to the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT) can participate in overseas tours without limit토토사이트. The KLPGT announced on the 5th that it has abolished the regulation limiting participation in overseas tour events held during the same period as tour events to three or less starting this year.

However, during KLPGT major competitions, they cannot participate in overseas tours. There are exceptions to this. If an overseas tour event is hosted by a player’s sponsor, it is allowed to participate even if it overlaps with a major tournament. When an overseas tour event held in Korea is held, players belonging to the KLPGT must follow the official regulations separately.

KLPGT continues to increase barriers to entry into KLPGT for foreigners by significantly expanding benefits for the winners of the foreigner-only tournament ‘International Qualifying Tournament (IQT)’ and top players, and opening the Associate Member Selection Tournament and Jump Tour (Part 3) to foreign players. are lowering

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