“Kim Yun-woo would have done better if he had played for a different team than ours.” There is a rookie setter who captivated the heart of the

tiger coach Kim Ho-cheol, the director of IBK Industrial Bank. That is Kim Yun-woo (18). Kim Yun-woo was a senior at Gangneung Girls’ High School and was nominated by IBK Industrial Bank in the 1st round, 5th place in the 2022 rookie draft.

Kim Yun-woo is a player with a height of 176 cm, and his height does not lag behind. He was also praised for his good basic skills even before he became a pro. He was one of the setters who caught the attention of professional teams even before he turned pro.

He is receiving guidance from manager Kim Ho-cheol, who was called a computer setter during his active career. Coach Ho-cheol Kim is currently putting a lot of effort into the development of four setters, including Ha-kyung Kim, Sol-ah Lee, Jin Lee and Yoon-woo Kim. 메이저사이트

Kim Yun-woo may not have played many sets, but he is still gaining experience by playing in 11 of the team’s 14 matches. He even acted as the team’s field commander when Kim Ha-gyeong was shaken, he entered instead.

Director Kim Ho-cheol said, “Yoon-woo is still young. I wonder how far Yoonwoo’s ability will go. So he puts it in his coat. Sometimes he puts in a lot of practice, and other times he puts in without practicing. The same goes for the setters except for Ha-kyung . He is checking to see how far the players can go.”

In fact, it is not easy for a rookie setter to win the heart of manager Kim Ho-cheol, who made a name for himself as a great setter in his debut season. However, director Kim Ho-cheol is looking forward to Kim Yun-woo. What are the strengths of Kim Yun-woo in the eyes of director Kim Ho-cheol?

Coach Ho-cheol Kim said, “If Yun-woo Kim went to another team, not our team, he would have done better. He tosses with stability. he has talent He is a player who will do better if he goes to a team that pursues a high and stable toss rather than a fast team like ours. There must be chaos going on in our team,” he smiles.

As director Kim Ho-cheol said, Kim Yun-woo has a stable toss. If he’s good at receiving, he’s a setter who can put the ball the way he wants. But volleyball doesn’t go the way he wants. There are limited cases where the receive comes up stably. So coach Kim Ho-cheol is instructing setters including Kim Yun-woo on various toss and operation methods.

In a way, learning under coach Kim Ho-cheol is a great fortune for Kim Yun-woo.