Kim Eun-byeol (Ansan City Hall), Eom Ha-jin, and Choi Hee-hwa (above, Gurye-gun Office) won the women’s weight class championship at the ’20th Haksan Kim Seong-ryul Jangsa National Jangsa Ssireum Competition’.

Kim Eun-byeol defeated her teammate Kim Dan-bi (메이저사이트Ansan City Hall) 2-0 in the final match of the Maehwa class (under 60 kg) held at the Jinhae Cultural Center Gymnasium in Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 29th.

Kim Eun-byeol, who overpowered the opponent with a kick in the first round, then took down the opponent with a field bridge and climbed to the top.

Eom Ha-jin defeated Lee Jae-ha (Ansan City Hall) 2-1 in the chrysanthemum class (under 70kg) final, and Choi Hee-hwa defeated Lim Jeong-soo (Goesan-gun Office) 2-0 in the Mugunghwa class (under 80kg) final to win the gold medal. hung around the neck

In the men’s general team match held on the same day, Changwon City Hall beat Mungyeong City Hall 4-2 and won at home.

Changwon City Hall, which had been dragged away after giving away one point to Mungyeong City Hall at the Gyeongjang level (under 75kg), reversed itself 2-1 with Major General level (under 80kg) Kim Jae-seo and Commissioner level (under 85kg) Choi Won-joon winning consecutively.

Mungyeong City Hall made a tie with Yongjang-class (90kg or less) Kim Dong-hui, but Changwon Special City Hall took the lead again by winning points in the warrior-level (95kg or less) game due to the opponent’s injury withdrawal.

Then, in the historic level (under 105kg) match, Woo Dong-jin (Changwon City Hall) knocked Kim Jong-sun (Mungyeong City Hall) down with a back knee and confirmed the team’s championship.

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