The private plane used by the group BLACKPINK has been revealed and is attracting attention.

On its official Instagram account, Korean Air posted a photo 토토사이트of the interior of the private plane used by YG Entertainment’s Blackpink members, along with the caption, “I want to know. The private plane rumored to be used by wall celebrities.”

Earlier, in March, Korean Air signed a business agreement with YG Entertainment to become the official airline sponsor of BLACKPINK’s world tour. Korean Air also unveiled a special Korean Air plane at the 2030 Busan World Expo, which was decorated with photos of the group.

The photos of the plane’s interior show yellow bags with the members’ names on them and teddy bears with different characteristics of each member.

Currently, Korean Air is the only flag carrier in the private jet business. Korean Air operates a private plane rental business with a total of four aircraft, including a Gulfstream G650ER, a Boeing Business Jet, and a Bombardier Global Express XRS, and its main customers are YG Entertainment and Samsung.

Among the conglomerates, SK Group, Hyundai Motor Group, and LG Group reportedly have their own private planes.

According to Korean Air, its private plane membership program costs 700 million won per year and allows for up to 30 hours of use. The hourly fee is 4.8 million won for international flights and 2.9 million won for domestic flights.

If you fly internationally on a private plane, you will need 30 hours, a membership fee of 700 million won, and an hourly fee of 144 million won. At the hourly rate, the cost is about 28.13 million won.

Meanwhile, before signing with Korean Air, BLACKPINK’s Jenny used the world’s largest business jet operator, VistaJet, in January. The company reportedly charges the same price for all routes, starting at around $19.6 million per hour.

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