Seongnam FC players clapped their tongues at coach Lee Ki-hyung’s high training intensity.

Seongnam FC held the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel in Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do at 2 pm on the 2nd. Seongnam captain Sim Dong-woon, veteran goalkeeper Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-won, who have been together since the 2023 season, attended the interview conducted between the media camps.

There is one thing all three players have in common. 먹튀검증 That training is hard. Seongnam completed the 1st battery training in Thailand under coach Lee Ki-hyeong, who took the helm of Seongnam from the 2023 season, and started the 2nd battery training in Namhae. Athletes clucked their tongues, saying that the intensity of the first field training was quite high. Even 34-year-old Shim Dong-woon and 41-year-old Kim Young-gwang, both of whom had long professional careers, said that this was their first time doing such hard training.

The question the reporter asked the two players was, ‘What kind of person is coach Lee Ki-hyeong?’ Shim Dong-woon and Kim Young-kwang both talked about the difficult training and explained coach Lee Ki-hyung.

Shim Dong-woon said, “I felt that it was really difficult from the time I trained in Seongnam before the battery training. I also thought that I could handle such intense training.” He testified (?), saying, “He’s usually friendly, but when he goes to the training ground, it changes.”

Shin Jae-won, who conducted the interview, also said the same thing, saying, “I felt that training was the most difficult during my career. At first, I was so sick after training, but I joined the field training late and couldn’t say that I was sick. It was really hard.”

Training isn’t all that hard. There were definitely things to be gained from hard training. Shim Dong-woon said, “Yesterday, the coach also told the players to set goals beyond their limits. I am grateful for learning things,” he said, looking forward to improving this season.

Kim Young-gwang also said, “I think that the hard training we are doing now will be remembered as a valuable time for the players when they look back. I hope that the difficult times will return to happiness for the players as well.”

What does Lee Ki-hyung want from intensive training? Coach Lee Ki-hyung wanted Seongnam players to show their sincerity. Seongnam, which sent away many key players ahead of this season, formed a squad mainly with players who did not receive many opportunities from their former team or new players who needed opportunities. Coach Lee Ki-hyung said the word ‘eagerness’ repeatedly at the press conference and expected the players to show their earnestness on the ground.

Desperation is bound to be felt in the way he runs one step further. In order to jump one step ahead of the opponent, physical strength must be given priority. This means that physical preparation is essential. Director Lee Ki-hyung cannot be unaware of this. As Kim Young-gwang said, Seongnam players are sweating today so that the current difficulties can return to happiness.

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