A North Korean man whose body was found off the coast of Ganghwa Island in Incheon last month was found to be carrying items that were not drugs스포츠토토.

According to a Unification Ministry official on Tuesday, the item found in the man’s underwear was identified as vitiligo by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

The item also tested negative for narcotics by the National Agriculture and Forestry Service.

The man’s body was first discovered by fishermen working off the coast of Ganghwa Island on March 19. The man was wearing shorts and had Styrofoam tied around his body when he was found. An item reportedly found on the man’s leg led to speculation that it was drugs.

Authorities investigated several possibilities, including whether the man died while attempting to escape North Korea through the West Sea’s Northern Limit Line (NLL). Initial investigations have ruled out any suspicion of espionage.

Meanwhile, the government has offered to return the man’s body to North Korea, but to date, there has been no response from Pyongyang. According to government guidelines, when the body of a North Korean citizen is found, North Korea is to be notified and handed over, and if North Korea refuses to accept the body, it is to be cremated and laid to rest.

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