Kim Kyung-min (52) won his first win of the season at the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Champions Tour Moonlight Senior Open (total prize money of 100 million won), the only professional golf tournament held at night in Korea.

In the final round of the tournament held at Calate CC Sapphire Ruby Course (par 72) in Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 14th, Kim Gyeong-min recorded 3 birdies and no bogeys, hitting 3 under par 69. He won the championship with a final total of 5 under par and 139 strokes, beating Lee Young-gi (56) by one stroke.먹튀검증

This competition was held under the sponsorship of Musco, a sports lighting company. This competition, now in its third year, will be held in a shotgun format with all players starting at the same time on a golf course equipped with Musko’s state-of-the-art LED lighting system. In particular, unlike the previous competition, which started after sunset, this year’s start time was pushed back by 1 hour and 30 minutes and started at 5 PM. This is to help players experience both day and night games and vividly feel the charm of night golf played under professional lighting.

There are no lighting standards for night golf in Korea yet. While holding a professional tournament, Musko established a new standard for night golf tournaments by creating golf course illumination standards (200 Lux for teeing grounds, 150 Lux for fairways, and 400 Lux for greens) and a night tournament manual.

At the competition site, the differentiated technology of sports lighting was confirmed everywhere. Musko’s Total Light Control-TLC for LED™ system minimizes unnecessary light leakage to increase efficiency and control glare for golfers. Additionally, ball tracker technology allows players to clearly see the trajectory of the flying ball without glare. Additionally, the environmental impact was minimized through light pollution design.

The players’ response to the night golf competition held under professional lighting was enthusiastic. Winner Kim Gyeong-min said, “The ball, which was hard to see during the day, was actually visible thanks to the lighting. I thought it would be difficult to see the ball flying due to the nature of the night, but the bright lighting allowed me to play smoothly.”

Musk Korea branch manager Lee Dae-woo said, “The cutting-edge LED lighting installed at Gunwi Kalate CC allows professional golf players to focus more on their play, minimizes light pollution and blends in with the surrounding environment, and allows viewers to enjoy a clearer broadcast screen on TV. “We hope to contribute to the development of domestic sports by continuously distributing LED lighting to various sports events in the future,” he said.

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