The fact that all students, regardless of ability, can get a chance is very meaningful, and I think it’s good from a parent’s point of view.”

The 8th Mungyeong Mayor’s Cup Living Sports Youth Basketball Tournament (hereinafter referred to as Mungyeong Mayor’s Cup), which is being held at the Mungyeong Indoor 안전놀이터 Gymnasium in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 28th, is receiving favorable reviews for its comfortable facilities and substantial preparation by the management team.

This year, 37 teams supported the participation of the Mungyeong Mayor Cup, which boasted that it is by far the largest youth basketball festival in Korea, and applied the local rules of the Mungyeong Competition, where all participating players must play on the court. are solidifying

In spite of the intense cold weather that issued a special cold wave warning across the country, 37 teams and 400 young basketball players participated in this tournament, and guardians, fathers and mothers, also visited the stadium and filled the stands.

Regardless of the win or loss, the parents who cheered enthusiastically watching the children play to their heart’s content applauded the children running around the court with a bright appearance rather than their skills or victory or defeat.

Since the purpose of the competition itself is harmony rather than competition, the children participating in the game seemed to be enjoying basketball itself rather than excessive desire to compete, while maintaining a serious attitude.

Lee Yoo-ri, a parent of Changwon Friends’ Park Jun-seong and Park Jun-su, said, “Although the days are really cold and far, I think it was a very good event because I was able to build good memories with my son on the weekend. I came to Mungyeong last year and also went sightseeing with my family I also have a good memory by winning the runner-up,” he said. “This year, the lower grades participated in the competition for the first time, and it is very meaningful that all students, regardless of ability, can get a chance, and I think it is good from a parent’s point of view.”

Yoona Kim, a parent of Jo Ah-hwan and Jo Ah-jun of the Ulsan One Mind Basketball Team, who accompanied her children to the Mungyeong Championships for the third year and herself enjoys basketball through this competition, said, “My children are not very talented, but I think they improved a lot as they went around. I’m proud. The children’s skills are getting better and more energetic as they go, so I’m very proud as a parent with children,” he said. In that respect, I think the implications of this competition are great and meaningful.

Parents who visited the stadium that day cheered and encouraged the children sweating heavily on the court, even if it was not their children’s game.

Baek Seong-hwa, the leader of the Ulsan Hanmaum Basketball Team, which has been running the tournament for 10 years to create a Wannabe tournament only for children rather than financial gain, said, “I always feel it every time I hold a tournament, but every time I see the children sweating happily, I feel very happy.” I like this. I will continue to make efforts to make the Mungyeong Games a place that children from all over the country want to participate in, and to create a place for many exchanges.”

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