Professional football K League 1 Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gwangju FC’s ‘promotion team blast’ prestige is gradually waning. The ‘power exposure’ that appeared after the first round robin (rounds 1 to 11) is gradually tightening the neck.

As of the 16th, the Hana One Q K-League 2023 Round 13 leaderboard shows Ulsan Hyundai (34 points) leading the way, while FC Seoul, Jeju United, and Pohang Steelers (23 points) ranked 2nd to 4th. Teams placed 2nd to 4th were ranked in multiple points without a difference in points.

Daejeon, a promoted team, made a good save in 5th place (21 points), while Gwangju (14 points), which was promoted to K-League 1 last year with the qualification to win the K-League 2, was pushed back to 9th place.

Both Daejeon and Gwangju recorded the lowest ranking since the opening of this season, and it is evaluated that the ‘promoted team weakness’ has reached its limit.

Daejeon moved up to second place at the beginning of last month with a ‘surprising performance’ of the opening 5 games undefeated (3 wins, 2 draws), chilling the conversation of the existing K League 1 teams.

Daejeon, which maintained the 3rd and 4th place while showing off powerful attack power, produced a ‘stepping stone match’ in which they won and lost until rounds 6 and 9, and then in rounds 10 and 11, they lost 2 games in a row (1 draw, 1 loss) and shrank for a while.

Daejeon seemed to catch Suwon FC in the 12th round and rise again, but in the 13th round they were caught by Pohang and their ranking fell to 5th, the lowest of the season.

Daejeon, which has yet to lose this season토토사이트, faces 6th place Daegu FC (17 points) in the 14th round (20th).

Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong, who met with reporters ahead of the match against Pohang on the 13th, predicted a tough future, saying, “After the first round robin, the opposing teams have analyzed a lot about our team. Now we have no choice but to go through ups and downs.”

Coach Lee said, “We can’t completely change tactics and strategies just because our power is exposed. We have to do better at what we’re good at. We’ll fine-tune our existing tactics. The goal is to get 5 wins in every round robin.” Explained.

In particular, he recalled the 0-3 loss to Jeju in the 10th round, “Jeju prepared well for the set piece. We used our weakness of not being tall,” he said. It’s about chasing down the teams. It’s a fight between challenge and survival,” he emphasized.

Gwangju FC players who miss
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The situation in Gwangju is no better.

From the 8th to the 13th round, Gwangju has been without a win in 6 consecutive games (2 draws and 4 losses).

The tremendous momentum shown in last year’s K-League 2 and the ‘attack forward!’ Gwangju, which used tactics to stay in the 4th and 5th places of the season and harassed the existing K-League 1 top teams, plummeted to 9th place as losses piled up from the end of April.

The content of the game is also not good. While winning six consecutive games, they scored two goals and conceded eight goals.

Gwangju’s opponent for round 14, scheduled for the 20th, is 10th place Incheon United. Incheon also has no consecutive wins in the last 3 games (1 draw, 2 losses), so a hot match is expected as they will focus on winning the Gwangju match.

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