I want to become a player that all teams are reluctant to block me and fear.”

Chosun University lost 58-96 to Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League home game held at the Chosun University Gymnasium on the 9th. With the defeat on this day, they fell into 9 losses and could not get out of the bottom.

Chosun University, which played a close 14-18 game until the first quarter, collapsed from the second quarter struggling against Kyunghee University’s regional defense.

Kim Hwan, who led the scoring스포츠토토, was out due to an injury, and Yoo Chang-seok also struggled with only 8 points. Meanwhile, freshman Hong Young-gyu (187cm, F) scored 14 points, the most on the team.

Moreover, Hong Young-kyu scored a total of 12 points in the previous 4 games. He played 19 minutes and 28 seconds in the game that day and showed off his ability to score to the fullest with his athleticism at the forefront.

Youngkyu Hong averaged 14.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.4 steals during his time at Myongji High School.

Hong Young-kyu, who showed off his ability properly on the college stage despite his team’s defeat, said after the game that day, “I played a little bit, but it was the first time I played this much. I was nervous, but I gained a lot of experience,” he said. “It’s good that I talked more in defense, and the manager and coach told me to be active when I catch (the ball), so I was able to do what I wanted to do and come out.”

Hong Young-gyu, who was more confident than anyone else in the attack, said, “(The coach) gave me a lot of good words before the game. He said, “I wanted to come out after doing what I wanted to do,” he said. So he gained more confidence.”

At the beginning of the game, Hong Yeong-gyu tried to dig into Kyunghee University’s goal with a spin move, but it was not easy. Then, he began to accumulate points with double clutches, etc., which made use of his athletic ability. He was able to score the most points on the team because he even added jumpers and 3-pointers.

Hong Young-kyu said, “(Kyunghee University) is the first team to play, so I don’t think they know me well, so I did as I did, because I tend to do a lot of spin moves.” It was the same, so I went in and struggled and threw a mid-range shot, or when (defense) fell from the beginning, I tried a 3-point shot. The more I played, the more I thought and attacked,” he said, looking back at his play.

When he said that he had scored more points than the previous four games, Hong Young-gyu said, “The coach also said that he couldn’t play because he couldn’t defend. Today (9th), he ordered an attack, so I ran a lot for the first time, so that part is good.”

In the college basketball league, each team plays 14 games. I’ve already played more than half of the game.

Hong Young-gyu said, “I am still in the first year, so if you let me play, I would like to play hard, gain experience, and become a player who can lead the team to victory next year. I want to improve while learning more about defense, practice shooting and dribbling more in offense, and increase weight to become a brighter player in the college league.” When the opponent prepares for my breakthrough, then I need to know how to shoot, so I practice shooting at night. I want to become a player that all teams are reluctant to stop me and feared.”

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