Summer of 2018, five years ago. The draft was hot at the time. The modifier of the appearance of the greatest talent of all time followed. That would be the case, and there were 2 players in the 1st nomination class at Gyeongnam High School. Seo Jun-won (then a senior at Gyeongnam High School – former Lotte Giants) and Roh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha Eagles) were them.

However, Roh Si-hwan was relatively unnoticed. Because Seo Jun-won received attention as the largest fish in the country, he was completely excluded from the first nomination.

Gyeongnam High School head coach Jeon Kwang-yeol, who is a teacher, said, “Sihwan was under a lot of stress during high school because of his batting form. He was a guy who had been good at baseball since middle school, but his mentality collapsed because he was so shy from Junwon,” he recalled at the time. Noh Si-hwan was a talented player enough to hit a large home run that hit the back screen of Choi Jun-yong, who had already thrown 140 km/h in middle school.

That wasn’t all. In Seoul, there was Kim Dae-han (then a junior at Whimoon High School – Doosan), in Daegu, Won Tae-in (23, Samsung Lions), and in Gwangju, Kim Ki-hoon (23, Kia Tigers). Noh Si-hwan was rated lower than them. He was predominantly evaluated as having many weaknesses. In the youth national team, the batting order was 6th.

However, there were people who evaluated him differently.

It was Lee Jung-hoon, former team leader of Hanwha Eagles (currently Doosan Bears 2nd team coach) and scout Jeong Min-hyeok (current team manager of Hanwha Eagles), who was a new team member at the time. Director Lee, who was in charge of the scouting team, said, “It seems that people still don’t know how to bat well. Do you have many weaknesses? Noh Si-hwan is a hitter with excellent power and flexibility at the moment of impact. He is a natural home run hitter. He’s good at defense too. He has a good shoulder, and he has good quickness to snatch the ball,” he said, and had strong confidence in him.

Team leader Lee Jung-hoon came to openly declare카지노사이트, “I will pick Roh Si-hwan,” just before the draft. Even five years later, it was one of the unprecedented breakthroughs that no one had ever done.

Of course, it was because they were convinced that KT and Samsung would nominate Lee Dae-eun and Lee Hak-joo, who were overseas.

Four years have passed since then. Noh Si-hwan was firmly established as Hanwha’s third baseman, but not to the extent of his expectations. However, there is a possibility that he will cause a nuclear explosion this season. Noh Si-hwan hit a whopping 5 home runs, hitting Choi Jun-yong and Won Tae-in in the demonstration game. That wasn’t all. He went 6-for-10 with a batting average of 60% in the opening two consecutive games against the Kiwoom Heroes.

Although the team lost two straight games, Chae Eun-seong led the team. It was because of Noh Si-hwan’s great success that he continued to play two days in a row with Kiwoom in the midst of Smith’s departure.

The Hanwha Eagles believe that the recruitment of Chae Eun-sung will be of great help to Roh Si-hwan, regardless of whether Chae Eun-sung is active or not.

At the time of Media Day, captain Jung Woo-ram said, “Si-hwan had a hard time. That young friend was running all over the place trying to do something by herself, so it was too much for her. However, since Chae Eun-seong came in, that part has been largely resolved. Aren’t you alone now? It would have been a lot easier.”

Another Hanwha front desk official expressed his position that just being an umbrella effect for Noh Si-hwan would make Chae Eun-seong worth more than money.

Roh Si-hwan’s home run spreads out the moment it hits. No one doubts that it is a home run. He has the ability to push there, and above all, he is equipped with the so-called ‘Tyranno hitting method’ that can pull the ball close to the body. this is the biggest If he can hit long hits both inside and outside, the number of home runs by Noh Si-hwan will inevitably increase.

The Hanwha Eagles have a hole in the mound due to Smith’s departure, and the defense is also unstable. However, it wasn’t as bad as his batting ability. It goes without saying that Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong are at the center.

Now, no Hanwha fans deny that the post-Kim Tae-gyun candidate is Roh Si-hwan.

At that time, will the confidence of the Hanwha scout team, including team leader Lee Jeong-hoon, become a reality? I’ve only played 2 matches now, but the potential seems good enough.

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