That’s why it seems that you don’t really know how life will go.

In the KBO League, he was kicked out in the middle of the season due to a sluggish batting average of 10%, but now in the major leagues, he has proudly put his name on the opening roster.

The opening roster announced by the St토토사이트. Louis Cardinals also included the name of utility player Taylor Motor (34).

Motor played for Kiwoom Heroes in 2020, and his performance at the time was disastrous. Motor, who appeared in 10 games, had a batting average of .114 (4 hits in 35 at-bats), 1 home run and 3 RBIs. He walked only one and struck out 10 times.

Eventually, Motor, who was kicked out of the Korean stage, played for the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies in 2021, hitting .192 and 1 RBI, and last year played for the Cincinnati Reds, but with a batting average of .167, he also failed to show an impressive appearance.

Although he has not been successful in the major leagues and KBO leagues, Motor is a worthy enough player. Motor, who hit 20 homers in minor league Triple-A last year, has punchy power to record 125 home runs in his minor league career, and has experience playing defense in all positions except catcher, so he is also a player with value as a utility player. do. He can be said to be a player worthy of being kept for ‘insurance’ from the club’s point of view.

Motter joined St. Louis ahead of the season and a miraculous moment came. That’s when he joined his major league opening roster.

Of course, it could be a temporary reason. Major League Baseball’s official website ( explained, “Motor took a spot on the opening roster due to Paul De Jong’s injury.” De Jong was sidelined from the opening roster due to a back injury. Lacking an infield backup, St. Louis needed a motor that didn’t record a single error as they played first base, second base, third base and shortstop in this year’s exhibition games. Motor left a presence by hitting three home runs in the demonstration game and made a miraculous moment a reality. Although he did not play in the opening game against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 31st (Korean time), it seems that he will have a chance to play soon.

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