Sadio Mane could leave Bayern Munich after just one season.

Kerry Howe of Germany’s Sport1 highlighted the comments made by head coach Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel recently gave a press conference before the start of Munich’s preseason, during which he reportedly spoke about Mane.

According to Sport1, Tuchel said, “Mane hasn’t lived up to expectations. It’s not easy for him to get a starting spot because the competition for places has become extremely strong. He knows this, he knows what my opinion is and what the club’s opinion is,” Tuchel said, adding that Mane didn’t live up to expectations last season and was struggling to compete for a starting spot.먹튀검증

In fact, Mane opted for a new challenge when he left Liverpool to join Munich ahead of last season, but he failed to overcome his poor form. He even became embroiled in controversy during the season. After a UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Manchester City, Mane reportedly got into an argument with Leroy Sane in the locker room and punched Sane in the face. Sane’s lip was bleeding.

The incident was both on and off the field. The club decided that Mane was no longer useful to the team and put him up for sale after just one season. Multiple German and English media outlets reported that Munich had placed a £17 million price tag on Mane. It is believed that the price was set lower to take into account Mane’s recent performances and to ensure a quick sale.

Additionally, the Red Devils plan to use the money from a quick sale of Mane to sign Harry Kane. Having felt the void of a striker last season, Munich are currently working to bring Kane to the club. With the news that a personal agreement has been finalized, all that remains is to convince Tottenham Hotspur to sign him, which will require a transfer fee that will satisfy Spurs. Some media outlets have claimed that they are looking to sell Mane to raise the money.

Munich, meanwhile, have been touted as a possible destination for Kim Min-jae. If Mane does leave, it’s unlikely we’ll see him playing alongside Kim.

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